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Artificial Intelligence Act: New EU Rules to Shape Global AI Standards

On April 21, 2021, the European Commission put forward the long-awaited Proposal for a Regulation on a European approach for Artificial Intelligence, introducing for the first time harmonized rules...
By Marek Kysela
May 11, 2021

Launching Skills Partnership for Microelectronics: Upskilling and Reskilling for a Stronger European Workforce

As the global economy is constantly transformed, the need for new skills has never been higher. The microelectronics industry is thoroughly affected by this urgent need. To develop a workforce fit...
By Stefania Gavra
April 21, 2021

Enhancing Yield by Minimizing Contamination: ALD Coatings for Critical Chamber Components

With each transition to a new technology node, fab requirements for metal and particle contamination become more stringent, posing challenges for existing coating methods such as anodization or...
By Serena Brischetto
March 15, 2021

Women in the Workplace – A Critical Crossroads

The next time you are on a Microsoft Teams call or write a group email that includes a female colleague, consider this: The next time you pick up the phone to contact her, she might be gone....
By Michelle Williams-Vaden
February 5, 2021

Optimizing Semiconductor Fab Workforces to Keep Pace with Evolving Technologies

SEMI spoke with Andreas C. Zimmer, Executive Search and Selection Consultant at ZIAN & Co industrial consulting and recruitment, about strategies for attracting and retaining talent and promoting...
By Serena Brischetto
February 2, 2021

Remote Vital Sign Monitoring Technologies Help Drive New Standard of Healthcare with imec on the Leading Edge

The recent global pandemic redefined well-established paradigms in healthcare. The classic model involving frequent hospital visits is no longer viable due to the risk of contagion. The focus is now...
By Serena Brischetto
January 26, 2021

From Smart Manufacturing Vision to Innovative Advanced Technical Service Solutions, TEL Delivers

SEMI spoke with Eyal Shekel, senior vice president of Service Strategy and Excellence at Tokyo Electron Limited, about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on smart manufacturing and how other...
By Serena Brischetto
January 25, 2021

Fast Track to Medical Diagnostics with Semiconductors

SEMI spoke with Dr. Franz Laermer, Research Fellow (Senior Chief Expert) at Robert Bosch GmbH Stuttgart, Corporate Sector Research and Advance Engineering, about the latest trends in medical...
By Serena Brischetto
January 19, 2021

Smart Mobility, 5G, Renewable Energy Drives Need for New Chip Materials for Power Devices

Electric mobility, renewable energy and other technology innovations like IoT, 5G, smart manufacturing and robotics all require reliability, efficiency, and compact power systems, fueling the...
By Serena Brischetto
January 18, 2021

Aspinity Machine Learning Chip Extends Battery Life for Portable IoT Devices

SEMI spoke with Tom Doyle, founder and CEO of Aspinity, about the challenges of packing more localized intelligence into portable Internet of Things (IoT) devices without draining their batteries....
By Serena Brischetto
December 21, 2020

Fluorinated Chemicals Are Essential to Semiconductor Manufacturing and Innovation

Semiconductors play an essential role in modern society by enabling ground-breaking technological advances. The manufacture of high-volume and advanced semiconductors requires the use of fluorinated...
By Emir Demircan
December 15, 2020
SEMI Press Release

SEMI Applauds Launch of EU Pact for Skills to Mobilize 2 Billion Euro Investment in Microelectronics Talent

BRUSSELS, Belgium – November 30, 2020 – SEMI, the global industry association representing the electronics manufacturing and design supply chain, today announced strong support for the Pact for...
November 30, 2020