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Technology / R&D Policy

SEMI Europe brings to members the latest developments of digital policy in Europe

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Essential Business

SEMI educates on industry role in critical infrastructure


Collaborative Projects

SEMI Europe is an active participant in EU-funded projects

SEMI Europe Advocacy advances the interests of the microelectronics industry in a variety of topics that affect the supply chain. SEMI Europe connects stakeholders to the EU policy scene to ensure that the voice of the industry is heard in key themes.

SEMI Europe offers policy updates to its members and drives future developments on vital topics for the evolution of the sector, through participation in key discussions with the European institutions. By participating in collaborative projects, SEMI Europe shares best practices and provides members with unique opportunities to shape European policies and initiatives.

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SEMI European Advisory Board

The SEMI European Advisory Board plays a critical role in the development and growth of the industry in Europe.

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Industrial Policy

SEMI Europe appreciates that both the EU and Member States make further steps in advancing the key role of a dynamic manufacturing sector in competitiveness, innovation, sustainability and the well-being of citizens.

Workforce Development


SEMI Europe is liaising with policy makers and education stakeholders in Europe, aiming to raise investment in work-based STEM education, promote the participation of under-represented groups, strengthen the image of electronics as a career choice and help the industry access international talent.

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Sustainability & Circular Economy

SEMI members collaborate to address critical environment, health and safety issues to assure sustainable industry operations.


Trade Policy

SEMI Europe stands for free trade, open markets and the protection of intellectual property.

media and press

Advocacy Publications

SEMI Europe represents the collective interests on a variety of public policy issues ranging from trade and technology to workforce development and R&D funding.

Europe Advocacy Contacts


Contact the Europe advocacy team to learn more about SEMI Europe’s work and shape the industry’s positions.


Emir Demircan

Director, Advocacy and Public Policy
SEMI Europe
+32 (0) 2 609 53 18

Yanying Li
Yanying Li

Senior Manager, Collaborative Projects
SEMI Europe
+32 (0) 2 488 230 566

Stefania Gavra

Public Affairs Manager
SEMI Europe
+32 (0) 2 609 53 18

Marek Kysela

EU Policy and Project Coordinator
SEMI Europe
+32 (0) 2 609 53 18