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Environment, Health and Safety


SEMI is committed to environmentally sound policies and the health and safety of the community that works in the electronics supply chain.

SEMI focuses on global EHS issues, such as regulatory compliance, and other topics that can influence the advancement of EHS within the industry. As a member-driven collaborative platform, SEMI facilitates industry-wide efforts that member companies believe would be more effectively undertaken by the industry association and cross-industry working groups.

Beyond advocacy, SEMI members are also actively engaged in developing EHS standards. SEMI Standards have been widely adopted within the Industry and can be accessed here.

Environmental Regulations

              ・SEMI PFOA Primer Ver 1.3 Final

              ・SEMI PFOA Primer Ver 1.3 Final (Japanese)


              ・PFOA_FAQ_Version_1.0_j_ (Japanese)_b

  • Waste Directive

Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

  • Electrical Safety

  • Machine Safety

Sustainability/EHS Guidance

  • Climate change related issues - PFCs and other chemicals

Awards and Honors

SEMI Staff Members Focusing on Environment, Health, and Safety

Senior Manager, Global EHS & Advocacy
SEMI Milpitas, USA
Tel: +1.408.943.7977

Senior Manager, Standards, EHS & Advocacy 
SEMI Japan, Tokyo
Tel:  +81.3.3222.5819

Senior Manager, Advocacy & Public Policy
SEMI Europe, Belgium
Tel: +32 (0) 2 609 53 18