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Enhancing Yield by Minimizing Contamination: ALD Coatings for Critical Chamber Components

With each transition to a new technology node, fab requirements for metal and particle contamination become more stringent, posing challenges for existing coating methods such as anodization or pla

Optimizing Semiconductor Fab Workforces to Keep Pace with Evolving Technologies

SEMI spoke with Andreas C.

Remote Vital Sign Monitoring Technologies Help Drive New Standard of Healthcare with imec on the Leading Edge

The recent global pandemic redefined well-established paradigms in healthcare. The classic model involving frequent hospital visits is no longer viable due to the risk of contagion.

From Smart Manufacturing Vision to Innovative Advanced Technical Service Solutions, TEL Delivers

SEMI spoke with Eyal Shekel, senior vice president of Service Strategy and Excellence at Tokyo Electron Limited, about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI)

Smart Mobility, 5G, Renewable Energy Drives Need for New Chip Materials for Power Devices

Electric mobility, renewable energy and other technology innovations like IoT, 5G, smart manufacturing and robotics all require reliability, efficiency, and compact power systems, fueling the adopt

Aspinity Machine Learning Chip Extends Battery Life for Portable IoT Devices

SEMI spoke with Tom Doyle, founder and CEO of Aspinity, about the challenges of packing more localized intelligence into p

Smart Manufacturing Analytics Solutions to Mitigate Impact of COVID-19

The costs of production are typically based on labor and materials and define manufacturing expenses. But is this approach accurate enough?

MEMS and Image Sensors Trends in the Age of COVID-19

MEMS and image sensors are shining stars in the chip industry as technology companies worldwide accelerate innovation in the fight against COVID-19.

Neural Networks and Transfer Learning Empowering Semiconductor Manufacturing

As semiconductor manufacturing processes grow more complex and sophisticated, production defects become both more common and harder to predict.