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MEMS & Sensors Technical Congress—MSTC 2018
February 13-14, 2018
Hyatt Regency, Monterey, CA


MEMS & Sensors Systems: Creating Sixth Senses


Thank you for attending MSTC 2018! 

MSTC, now in its 16th year, was where the MEMS and sensors communities gathered to focus and collaborate on solutions and industry-wide challenges.

NEW!  MSTC 2018 was co-located with 2018FLEX which added a deeper dimension to the technical and business base of the event. MSTC attendees had the opportunity to attend general FLEX presentation, and vice versa, as well as participate in joint networking events, raising productivity for all attendees.

  • Maximize your industry connection
  • Discover new technology developments
  • Collaborate with both FHE and MEMS & Sensors colleagues

The range of innovative new products incorporating MEMS and Sensor devices is rapidly growing. Applications are wide and varied from sensors for fully autonomous systems (including robotics, industrial and vehicle applications) and wearable devices to agricultural devices that measure sunlight, soil pH, and moisture content to products aimed at enhancing athletic performance such as golf, tennis, and basketball and the list goes on and on. Take a look at the Full MSTC Agenda.


  Tuesday, February 13

Wednesday, February 14

  Peter Adrian
Principal Analyst & Research Manager, 
Technical Insights Div.
Frost & Sullivan 

Alexis Bernard


Presentations will focus on:

  • System-level solutions incorporating MEMS and/or Sensor Devices,
  • Unique applications, and innovative technological or market solutions. 
  • Integration challenges and system level architecture decisions driven by the particular use-case. Each application has unique requirements which may include power efficiency, computational capability, wireless interconnectivity, software algorithms as well as data collection, interpretation, and encryption. 

Speakers will expand on these topics and describe how to manage and successfully implement to essentially Create Sixth Senses towards total system solutions.

Thank you to all our speakers, attendees and sponsors for attending MSTC 2018!



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MSTC Speaker Selection Committee

  • Rajashree Baskaran, Intel Corporation
  • Uma Krishnamoorthy, Bosch
  • Michelle Bourke, Lam Research Corporation
  • Rob O'Reilly, Analog Devices
  • Allyson Hartzell, Veryst
  • Eric Pabo, EV Group
  • David Horsely, UC Davis
  • Frank Shemansky, SEMI 
  • Nicole Kerness, Kionix
  • Jason Weigold, MEMStaff