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SEMI fab database report gives you unparalleled access and insights into fab activities worldwide - including capacity, spending, technologies, and forecasts. Empower your market research, identify target customers, and analyze investment and technology trends with this comprehensive and dynamic set of data. 

Technologies covered included semiconductors, discretes, optoelectronics, LEDs, and MEMS and sensors. Reports include details on volume production, pilot, R&D, and consortia fabs, and track fab data across the lifecycle of each fab, from the planning phase through the fab closure. 

SEMI maintains a database of more than 1,000 fab worldwide. Using a bottom-up approach, a dedicated research team with more than 30 years of industry experience, collects, analyses, and models fab data on a company-by-company on a fab-by-fab basis. Information about individual fab projects is updated regularly throughout the quarter by interviewing company executives, visiting companies, monitoring financial announcements, news releases and other important events throughout the year. 

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FABVIEW Online Data and Forecast

A 24/7 online platform derived from the SEMI® Fab Database that offers you direct access to data for over 1,000 fabs...
Real Time Access
$3,550 Member | $4,850 Non-member
Multi-user licenses are available

200mm Fab Outlook to 2024

Worldwide 200mm fab activities for semiconductors, power electronics, and sensors driven by growth in demand for...
$2,500 Member | $3,750 Non-member
Multi-user licenses are available

World Fab Forecast

3 years of data; Quarterly forecast through next year for capacities, geometries, wafer sizes and...
Published Quarterly
$2,500 Member | $3,450 Non-member
Multi-user licenses are available

Power & Compound Fab Report to 2024

Worldwide FAB data for power and compound semiconductors are on the rise driven by growing demand for 5G wireless,...
$2,000 Member | $3,250 Non-member
Multi-user licenses are available

300mm Fab Outlook to 2024

Worldwide 300mm semiconductor fab activities for Memory, Logic & Foundry, Analog, and Power Highlighting new fab...
$3,150 Member | $4,350 Non-member
Multi-user licenses are available

World Fab Watch

Snapshot of over 1,000 semiconductor front-end fabs for the previous quarter
Published Quarterly
$2,250 Member | $3,400 Non-member
Multi-user licenses are available

MEMS & Sensors Fab Report to 2023

Worldwide fab activities from front-end facilities making MEMS and Sensors; driving growth in transportation, medical,...
$2,350 Member | $3,675 Non-member


Short introduction to World Fab Forecast report

Tutorial - Pivot Tables

Short Introduction to Fab View

Need customized data?

Don't see what you need? We can work with you to create a customer report to tailor to your needs and budget. The following are examples of custom database reports that have been created. 

  • Fab Transitional Report (listing of fabs to-be-sold, sold, closed, and maybe closed)
  • Historical Fab Report (spending per fab and wafer capacity from 1994-2015)
  • Fab Construction and Equipping Spending Trends (1996-2017)
  • Regional Wafer Fab Capacity Report (2000-2017)
  • Active 200mm and 300mm Semiconductor Fabs

Please contact for additional information.