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Ajit Manocha

President and Chief Executive Officer

Senior Leadership Team

Kevin Bauer

Chief Financial and Business Operations Officer

Terry Tsao

Chief Marketing Officer

Bettina Weiss

Chief of Staff

Michael Ciesinski

Vice President, Technology Communities

Regional Presidents

Laith Altimime

President, SEMI Europe

David Anderson

President, SEMI Americas

Hyun-Dae (H. D.) Cho

President, SEMI Korea

Lung Chu

President, SEMI China

Masahiko (Jim) Hamajima

President, SEMI Japan

Bee Bee Ng

President, SEMI Southeast Asia

Terry Tsao

President, SEMI Taiwan

Headquarters Leadership

Melissa Grupen-Shemansky

CTO, Flexible Electronics & Advanced Packaging

Tom Salmon

Vice President, Collaborative Technology Platforms

Mike Russo

Vice President of Industry Advancement & Government Programs

Joe Pasetti

Vice President of Global Advocacy and Public Policy

Shari Liss

Executive Director, SEMI Foundation