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Principal Analysts:

Christian Gregor Dieseldorff and Clark Tseng, SEMI


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This report tracks more than 400 facilities worldwide and more than 230 companies and organizations in 27 countries. Additionally, this report provides insight into front-end MEMS & Sensors capacity over a period of 12 years (2012 - 2023), with information on investment and capacity by region and by company.


Product Information


  • Twelve-year report with quarterly forecast data to 2023
  • 22 high-level summaries, tables, charts, and graphs for presentations
  • Details by quarter and fabs for investments, installed capacities, wafer size, and feature sizes
  • Fab demographics, technology, project information, product type, and fab type
  • Fab status includes fab closures, transactions, and wafer size conversions


  • Access current and credible data on worldwide MEMS & Sensors fabs
  • Categorization into MEMS, image sensors, and mix of MEMS and image sensors
  • Gain insight into up-to-date analysis with verified and validated data on investment, expansion plans transactions 
  • Access to benchmark data used by financial institutions, industry experts, and top-tier companies worldwide 


The information for the fab reports and forecasts is compiled from various sources in the industry including publicly available information such as capital spending plans, fab plans, ramp schedules, and technology roadmaps.

Source data are verified across an extensive network of industry contacts. These data are used in modeling for each company and facility, incorporating various economic indicators and best educated estimates.

The report uses a bottom-up approach, tracking projects per cleanroom facility but uses also a top down analysis by company, region, and industry segment.

Content details include capital expenditure for construction and equipment, capacities, technologies used, product types, and wafer sizes.

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