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China IC Ecosystem Report  Icon

China IC Ecosystem Report

This report covers the latest semiconductor supply chain development throughout China.

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Materials Market

Your only source of regional materials data and reports, including fab materials and packaging materials from global companies on a quarterly basis.


Equipment Market

Semiconductor equipment plays a vital role in the manufacturing of integrated devices (I.C.s) are typically located in a manufacturing facility called a fab.


Fab Database

The SEMI databases deliver the latest fab capacity and equipment forecasts for semiconductor fabs and foundries worldwide and are ideal resources to empower your market research.


Packaging Market

SEMI provides you with multiple reports and products on this vital segment of the industry.


Purchase Reports

SEMI offers market data and research reports covering semiconductor and Opto/LED capital equipment, semiconductor materials, semiconductor packaging materials, and semiconductor and HB-LED fabs.


North America Billings Report

The SEMI North America Billings Report provides a first look at monthly billings trends for North American Headquartered Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers. The three-month average global billings are a strong indicator for trends in the worldwide semiconductor industry.


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Realizing Fully-Printed Electronics - the State of Technology in 2018

This comprehensive report investigates the development process and progress of fully-printed electronics in multiple component segments of the electronics ecosystem. Segments include passives, sensors, batteries, antennas, high-performance ICs and speakers. Each segment is evaluated on its readiness levels for integration into electronics products and manufacturing.