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Artificial Intelligence Act: New EU Rules to Shape Global AI Standards

On April 21, 2021, the European Commission put forward the long-awaited

Launching Skills Partnership for Microelectronics: Upskilling and Reskilling for a Stronger European Workforce

As the global economy is constantly transformed, the need for new skills has never been higher. The microelectronics industry is thoroughly affected by this urgent need.

SEMI Industry Image and Awareness Campaign: Shining a Light on Chip Industry Careers

Shari Liss, executive director of the SEMI Foundation, is determined to help more people discover careers in the microelectronics industry.

Washington Takes Key Steps to Bolster U.S. Semiconductor Manufacturing and Supply Chains

Recent semiconductor supply chain constraints have drawn the attention of Washington policymakers at every level.

Remembering Semiconductor Industry Legend Bill Tobey

On March 1, the semiconductor industry lost a true legend with the passing of Bill Tobey, an exemplary leader and contributor to the semiconductor industry throughout his career.

SEMI Workforce Training – Helping Protect the Chip Industry Supply Chain Against Cyberattacks

With IP the lifeblood of today’s globally integrated microelectronics supply chain, protecting confidential information is vital to electronics companies around the

SEMI Smart Mobility Lead Weighs in on Chip Shortage

In my role as lead for the Smart Mobility initiative at SEMI, I recently spoke with Automotive Logistics Magazine about the growing importance of th

The History of Black History Month in the U.S. – Making it a Year-Round Celebration in Chip Industry

This February, the U.S. celebrates the 45th anniversary of Black History Month, which highlights the achievements and contributions of Black Americans to our country.

Women in the Workplace – A Critical Crossroads

The next time you are on a Microsoft Teams call or write a group email that includes a female colleague, consider this: The next time you pick up the phone to contact her, she might be gone.

SEMI Urges U.S. Department of Commerce to Seek Comments on Recent Export Control Regulations

As the Biden administration begins to advance its policy goals through U.S.