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Published November 29, 2019

The Q4/November 2019 editions of the World Fab Forecast and World Fab Watch  databases have been published and are available now.  The following highlights are from our World Fab Forecast database:


Key Points:

Fab Equipment Spending

  • Equipment spending (new and used) for 2019 is expected to decrease by 7% US$57 Billion, significantly up from the -18% forecast issued in August 2019
  • Equipment spending (new and used) for 2020 is expected to increase by 3% (a significant decrease from the August report of +7%)
  • The regions with the strongest increases in 2020 (dollar-wise) are China, Europe, and Japan

Installed Capacity

  • DRAM capacity is expected to increase 3% in 2019 followed by an increase of 4% in 2020
  • 3D NAND capacity growth will increase by 8% in 2019 and jump by double digits in 2020
  • Installed capacity for Logic & Foundries is expected to increase by 5% in 2019 and 6% in 2020
  • Image sensors capacity will increase by 11% in 2019 and 18% in 2020

New Facilities / Construction Spending

  • In 2019 there are 68 construction projects totaling US$15 Billion, up 4% relative to 2018 construction investment levels
  • Fab construction spending in China is expected to exceed US$4.6 Billion in 2019 a decline of 25% year-over-year and decline further into 2020
  • Construction spending in Korea in 2019 is expected to total US$4.1 Billion followed by another US$2.3 Billion in 2020

Activity Report 

Since the last report published August 30, 2019

  • The Q4 Edition of the SEMI Fab Database has 1,344 records, including 135 future facilities/lines with various probabilities that will start volume production in 2019 or later
  • We made 250 changes on 223 fabs/lines including the addition of 11 new fabs/lines and the deletion of 2 fabs/lines
  • The report is tracking active investments (combination of construction and equipment) of 451 fabs and lines from 145 companies

Not a subscriber?   
Please take the opportunity to review our fab databases listed below.  Our databases deliver the latest forecast and a complete analysis on front-end fabs and foundries worldwide and are ideal resources to empower your market research. 

Need customized data? 

Don’t see what you need? We can work with you to create a custom database tailor to your needs and budget. The following are custom reports we have created in the past:

  • Fab Transitional Report (listing of fabs to-be-sold, sold, closed, and maybe closed)
  • Historical Fab Report (spending per fab and wafer capacity) 
  • Fab Construction and Equipping Spending Trends 
  • Regional Fab Capacity Report 
  • Active 200 mm / 300 mm Semiconductor Fabs
  • more..

Please contact for additional info.




World Fab Forecast

3 years of data; Quarterly forecast through next year for capacities, geometries, wafer sizes and...
May 30, 2020
May 30, 2020 | Published Quarterly (Feb, May, Aug, and Nov)
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World Fab Watch

Snapshot of over 1,000 semiconductor front-end fabs for the previous quarter
May 30, 2020
May 30, 2020 | Published Quarterly (Feb, May, Aug, and Nov)
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Power & Compound Fab Report to 2024

Worldwide FAB data for power and compound semiconductors are on the rise driven by growing demand for 5G wireless,...
April 24, 2020
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300mm Fab Outlook to 2023

Worldwide 300mm fab activities for semiconductors memory, logic & foundry, power and sensors driven by growth in...
March 31, 2020
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FABVIEW Online Data and Forecast

A 24/7 online platform derived from the SEMI® Fab Database that offers you direct access to data for over 1,000 fabs...
March 2, 2020
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MEMS & Sensors Fab Report to 2023

Worldwide fab activities from front-end facilities making MEMS and Sensors; driving growth in transportation, medical,...
October 29, 2019
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Global 200mm Fab Outlook to 2022

Worldwide 200mm fab activities for semiconductors, power electronics, and sensors driven by growth in demand for...
January 31, 2019
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