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SEMI-NBMC brings together scientists, engineers and business development professionals to collaboratively initiative research and development of electronic technologies to improve human performance monitoring and performance augmentation. The goal is to accelerate innovations driving healthcare and medical electronics innovation by proactively building the ecosystem.

R&D projects are supported for the development and commercialization of innovative new equipment & process technology for front-end and back-end manufacturing process steps; new materials and components; standards; and for software, hardware and design analysis for factory automation and CIM operation. 

The technical program is funded with the assistance of the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL),and relies on a competitive bid process relying on our industry-led Technical Council and Governing Board, while being administered by SEMI-NBMC staff and contracting office. 

R&D Funding Process

The process begins with the NBMC Technical Council conducting a gap analysis and establishment of priorities for the elements of the technical program. The analysis is then used in creating a Request for Proposals (RFP) which is distributed publicly.  



The selection process is typically done in two stages. The first stage is submission of a pre-proposal which is evaluated and selected by the Technical Council. These companies are then offered the opportunity to submit full proposals. This stage requires the submitting company to become a SEMI Member (and then, NBMC member).

Participation guide

Full proposals are evaluated by the Technical Council and other Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and possibly selected, based on available funds.  Proposals evaluated based upon factors such as innovation, level of risk, cost effectiveness, performance history and the ability to provide a substantial cost share.  These projects are then recommended to the Governing Board for final approval. 

The typical funding is structured as a 50/50 cost share with the industry participant. See the project history section of our website for more information on the projects that have been funded to date.

Once selected, SEMI-NBMC and the selectee create the Development Agreement and a project team is formed from a subset of member companies to:

  • define the statement of work in concert with the chosen supplier
  • oversee the development program 
  • provide beta-site evaluation of the developed equipment/materials
  • generate the next request for proposal topics and target requirements

Projects typically run 12-18 months with quarterly reviews by the project team and SEMI-NBMC staff.