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SEMI-NBMC R&D projects are focused on the development and commercialization of innovative new equipment & process technology for relevant electronics, including: front-end and back-end manufacturing process steps; new materials and components; software, hardware and design analysis for factory automation and CIM operation. 

The technical program is funded with the assistance of the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). Each year the AFRL provides funding to NBMC for allocation to the technical projects of highest interest that meet the military and consumer needs.

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2017 Projects

Project Number - Project Topic - Lead Company & Partners - Keywords

17-16 Microfluidics System Packaging - University of Arizona - reaction kinetics, sweat, microfluidics, organic semiconductor sensor

17-15 A scalable flexible substrate and assembly process for high performance heterogeneous dielet integration with tight interconnect density (FlexTrate™) - University of California, Los Angeles, i3 Electronics - Fan-out wafer-level packaging, bio compatible, flexible interconnect

17-14 Printed Microfluidic Performance Assessment for Sweat-Based Biomarker Sensor Platforms - University of Massachusetts, Amherst - microfluidics, biosensor, biofouling, electrowetting valves

18-13 Touch and Emerging Display Reports - Touch Display Research - OLED, quantum dot, smart windows, active pen, industry reports

2016 Projects

Project Number - Project Topic - Lead Company & Partners - Keywords

16-12 Wearable Device for Dynamic Assessment of Hydration - General Electric Global Research; University of Connecticut, University of Massachusetts Amherst, American Semiconductor Inc., University of Arizona, Dublin City University, UES - impedance, sweat sensor, ion-selective electrodes, microfluidics, hydration, electrolytes, human performance monitoring

16-11 Wearable Dynamic Hydration Assessment System - UES, Inc.Dublin City University - clinical testing, sweat electrolyte

16-10 Wearable Paper-based Microfluidic Biomarker Sensor Patch - University of Massachusetts, Amherst, General Electric Global Research - electrowetting valve, graphene ink sensor

2015 Projects

Project Number Project Topic - Lead Company & Partners - Keywords

15-9 Enabling Manufacturing of Flexible Hybrid Systems - American Semiconductor, Inc. & Molex - water thinning, thin wafer handling, pick and place

15-8 Computational Approaches to Predictive Device Modeling and Additive Manufacturing - Lockheed Martin - mechanical reliability, printed antenna, interface reliability

15-7 Sensor for Monitoring Human Biometric Parameters - Binghamton University, i3 Electronics, Inc., American Semiconductor, Inc., University of California, Berkeley - flexible antenna, ECG, electrodes, capacitive electrodes

15-6 Biomarker Monitoring Device Manufacturing - Molex, LLC, American Semiconductor, Brewer Science, Northeastern University - wireless lactate sensor, FHE manufacturing

15-5 Helmet Integrated Neuro Spinal Hydration Sensor - Visca, LLC, IQMRI, Wayne State's University - bio-impedance, RF transmitter, inertial sensing