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Taiwan Flexible Hybrid Electronics Technical Committee Highlights

By Cher Wu, SEMI Taiwan

Since its creation in the early 1970s, the SEMI International Standards Program is continuously looking out for new opportunities in emerging markets and technologies to further the growth of the industry. One of its recent achievements is the formation of a new standards committee that aims to develop global standards for flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) spanning design, materials, manufacturing, packaging and systems. The new SEMI Standards Flexible Hybrid Electronics Global Technical Committee (GTC) is the world’s first to focus on flexible hybrid electronics standards and has established its first chapter in Taiwan.

FHE related technology has been emerging as one of the most potential cross-disciplinary areas as it is taking advantage of high-performance packaging and printing technologies to integrate multiple silicon circuits and sensors onto a flexible substrate. Applications for flexible hybrid electronics are countless: wearable devices to improve medical health monitoring and personal fitness; soft robotics to care for the elderly; and lightweight sensors embedded into roads, bridges, and infrastructure are just a few, all of which are relevant to the Internet of Things. 

The new SEMI Standards Flexible Hybrid Electronics Global Technical Committee co-led by Steven Huang of AiQ Smart Clothing and YE Yeh, Vice President of ASE Group has set up its first Task Force team named “FHE System for Wearable Task Force” to address immediate needs for FHE industry standards that can further enable large scale adoption of FHE products designed for smart textile applications. This task force co-led by two experts from the Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Dr. Steve Chiu and Dr. Steven Fan has been working on several metrology technology topics such as sheet resistance measurement, line impedance measurement, and reliability test method for washing of the smart clothing. 

The latest update about the “FHE System for Wearable” task force is that the team has completed the drafting work for the first two metrology topics and is ready to submit these two draft documents for GTC members to approve the ballots as below, before the next voting cycle starting in January 2021.


Get Involved 

SEMI Standards development activities take place throughout the year in all major manufacturing regions. To get involved, join the SEMI International Standards Program at:

For more information, contact your local Standards staff, or visit the SEMI Standards Web site. For a listing of Standards relevant to FHE manufacturing, visit the SEMI FHE Standards web page. 


Standards Watch
December 3, 2020