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Join SEMI Arizona

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Welcome to the page for SEMI Members and their customers in Arizona Region, and the SEMI Arizona Chapter/Committee. This Committee is a great way to keep connected with what is going on in the industry and a great opportunity to network with industry leaders.

The SEMI Arizona Chapter seeks to become one of the most vibrant and active chapters in the US. The Chapter’s overriding goal is to identify, prioritize, and help solve challenges impacting SEMI members around the following key themes: Workforce Development/Education, Technology and Innovation, and Regional Stakeholder Outreach.

The Chapter has an active executive leadership comprised of volunteers from commercial, academia, and other member companies in Arizona. The Steering Committee guides a variety of activities geared to achieving their charter goals, including the organization of forums for technical and market presentations and peer networking for regional SEMI members and the technology community. >>View Committee

If you are interested in joining the SEMI Arizona Chapter, please contact Lin Tso at and/or 408-943-7920.

SEMI is ready to support our members locally by resuming our industry programs in the Arizona Region. Our vision for the region is not only to provide periodic events but also to create a community platform for members, customers, local research organizations, universities, workforce development groups, and economic development resources to connect and prosper.

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Past Chapter Events and Activities

10/11/2019  5G: Enabling a Connected World, Hosted by Benchmark, Tempe AZ

3/29/2019 Sensors: Enabling a Connected World, hosted by NXP Semiconductors, Chandler, AZ

10/19/2018 Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning Applications, hosted by Amkor Technology, Tempe, AZ

3/09/2018 Metrology & Inspection, hosted by Arizona State University, LeRoy Eyring Center for Solid State Science

10/27/2017 Smart Manufacturing: Robotics, Automation and Beyond, hosted by Versum Materials, Tempe, AZ

10/6/2017 SEMI Professional Development Program with ASU Polytechnic (Cooley Ballrooms)

4/07/2017 Wafers to Wall Street: Driving New Markets, Changing the World, hosted by ON Semiconductor, Phoenix, AZ

11/1/2016 2016 SEMI Professional Development Program with Arizona State University

10/21/2016 The Age of Automotive Electronics, hosted by Amkor Technology, Tempe, AZ

10/16/2015 Monetizing the IoT: Opportunities and Challenges for the Semiconductor Industry

4/17/2015 SEMI Arizona Breakfast Forum - Wafers to Wall Street - Emerging Technologies

4/10/2015 SEMI Arizona Professional Development College Program

10/17/2014 SEMI Arizona Breakfast Forum - 200mm: Thing of the Past? Not so Fast!  Freescale Semiconductor (Host), Tempe, Arizona

10/3/2014 SEMI Professional Development Program, Gateway Community College, Phoenix, Arizona

6/20/2014 SEMI Tech Talk

4/17/2014 SEMI Arizona Breakfast Forum - Internet of Things

10/11/2012 SEMI Arizona Breakfast Forum:  Enabling the Electronics Revolution, Microchip, Chandler Arizona

Get Involved

Our High Tech U (HTU) is a three-day program for high school students who want to know more about careers in the tech industry.

Get Connected

Arizona Chapter LinkedIn Group: Connect with Industry Professionals and Peers Online

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SEMI Contacts

If you have any question about the SEMI Arizona Chapter and their activities, please contact: Lin Tso, Sr. Program Manager, SEMI Americas
email: l telephone: 1.408.943.7920