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Saint-Denis, France - Technic has announced the completion of a new analytical laboratory at its facility in France. The laboratory expands the company’s capabilities of trace element detection in formulations specific to the semiconductor industry.

The new facility demonstrates Technic’s continued dedication to providing the highest quality standards in analytical testing. The lab includes state-of-the-art analytical equipment for technical investigations and quality control analysis in a highly controlled environment. The addition of new Agilent 8900-QQQ ICP-MS instrumentation will provide leading-edge sub ppb/ppt trace analysis using mass shifting and filtering out interferences.

The planning and construction of the lab focused on creating a cleanroom workflow for the detection of the most environmentally challenging elements, such as alkali metals, and atoms present mostly in anionic forms like 32S, 31P, 28Si, and 37Cl.

"Our new facility allows our scientists to develop the most effective analytical methods, improving the detection limit of impurities at the lowest levels. It also provides hands-on support to assist customers in their process development with an emphasis on a Quality By Design commitment to streamlining new products to market." –Samir Safi, Head of Quality Control, Technic France

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