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CoreFlow HQ, ISRAEL, June 24th, 2019 -- CoreFlow Ltd., a leading supplier of advanced aeromechanical handling and conveying solutions, recently launched its newest product, a semiconductor robot end-effector for handling of highly warped wafers.
Coreflow’s selective vacuum based end-effector is specifically designed to address the growing market of non-standard warped wafers.
The new requirement came from an existing customer that has been utilizing another CoreFlow product successfully. Thanks to effective collaboration between the parties and the unsurpassed performance of the CoreFlow product, the customer turned to Coreflow to design this latest end-effector.
When asked “Why CoreFlow?”, the customer noted: “Coreflow was and is my logical option when it comes to solving wafer handling challenges”.
“Our selective vacuum based handling platform enables us to address applications where standard vacuum systems had failed”, said Eric Joely, Coreflow’s CEO. "20 years of specializing in flow-based technologies allow us to tailor “out of the box” solutions which help our customers face today’s and tomorrow’s challenges”.
“The fact that many of these inquiries come from existing customers”, he adds, “tells us that not only do our existing products perform well but that we are also considered a one-stop shop solution provider”.

About CoreFlow Ltd.
CoreFlow is an industry leader in high-precision, air-floating solutions for critical processes in the Semiconductor and FPD industries. The company develops, manufactures and markets handling, conveying and processing systems used by key equipment manufacturers around the globe.
For more information please visit our web site: