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Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT) is looking for manufacturer’s representatives in Japan and Southeast Asia to provide sales support of its Czochralski (CZ) process crystal growers and diamond wire saws. The company seeks representatives in each region who are experienced in selling electronic technologies and solutions to customers in the solar or semiconductor markets.

“Working with regional representatives, we have successfully reached new solar and semiconductor customers who we never would have crossed paths with otherwise,” explains Ron Kramer, director of business development for Linton Crystal. “We are now looking to seize new opportunities in the Japanese and Southeast Asian markets and know regional reps are the best way to do so.”

Linton Crystal Technologies is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of CZ furnaces for producing monocrystalline ingots for the semiconductor, machined part and solar industries. The company specializes in silicon and produces equipment for materials such as germanium and gallium arsenide and InSb. They also provide diamond wire saws and specialized equipment for shaping and polishing ingots and cutting them into wafers. Additionally, LCT offers the technical and process engineering support and replacement parts to help clients get businesses off the ground, improve productivity and continue to innovate.

LCT will be interviewing prospective representatives starting in early 2020. Interested representatives should contact Ronald M. Kramer, Director of Business Development at: or +1-585-978-6797.

For more information about Linton Crystal Technologies, visit

About Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT)
Headquartered in the United States, Linton Crystal Technologies has global marketing, research, development, engineering and manufacturing operations in Rochester, New York. A partner, Dalian Linton NC Machine Co. Ltd., Dalian, China, provides manufacturing and sales support for the Chinese market.