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Learn how SEMI IS MORE…with our breadth of services, product offerings, initiatives and global footprint, providing membership and access to the $2T global electronics design and manufacturing supply chain.

Realize the Benefits of SEMI

SEMI is MORE provides a great deal of information and opportunity across the full electronics design and industry supply chain. Technology communities. Market data. International Standards. Global industry advocacy. Workforce development. Diversity and inclusion. EH&S. Events. Strategic Association Partnerships with the world’s top R&D and innovation centers. Thought leadership platforms for the industry’s brightest minds.

SEMI is much more than equipment and materials. 5G. Machine Learning. Quantum Computing. Artificial Intelligence. Internet of Things. Big Data. SMART Initiatives. Flexible electronics innovations.

SEMI ties it all together in one global platform to support the $2 trillion electronics industry and innovations that are transforming the world. Together with our members, we fulfill the potential of technology to drive social good. Cleaner air. Safer cars. Healthier food. Smarter cities.

MORE from SEMI than ever before delivers MORE value for our members to thrive and shape our future. Scroll through and select from the list of member executives below to hear their thoughts about SEMI.