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October 14, 2020

Virtual MSEC 2020 | October 6, 7, 8 and 13, 14, 15

Virtual MSEC—Conference Overview

The MEMS and Sensors Executive Conference is designed for senior executives across the MEMS and sensors supply chain and adjacent industries. 

Join us online for Session 5—
Product Showdown: Ultrasonic Transducers


8:00 am - 10:30 am


Online, Pacific Time,
United States

Virtual MSEC 2020 | October 6, 7, 8 and 13, 14, 15

Virtual MSEC 2020 Event Guide

Virtual MSEC 2020 Event Guide Cover

The Next Wave of Sensorization: Solving Our Shared Challenges

Industry economic, business updates will be covered from different aspects of the ecosystem, together with forward-looking strategic and technology trends. The opportunities and challenges brought about by key technologies and markets in the areas of medical, sensors for entertainment and augmented reality, virtual reality, environmental, food/agriculture, ultrasonic applications, and wearable devices will be explored. The growth in existing and emerging MEMS and sensors markets, together with the resulting new components, software, and systems needs, will also be discussed. 

Take advantage of MSEC 2020 as a Virtual Event. Although we will not meet in person this year, it may be the only time you'll get this amazing content at a fraction of the cost.

  • SAVE $1,500+ attending the Virtual Event. Registration is only $199 Member / $299 Non-Member.
  • HEAR industry experts and connect virtually with executives in the comfort of your office or home.
  • ACCESS the presentations On-Demand 24/7 until November 15, 2020.
  • MINUS all the travel time and expenses!

Key Session Topics

  • October 6 » Session 1—Sensors for Entertainment & Augmented Reality
  • October 7 » Session 2—Emerging Business Strategies
  • October 8 » Session 3—Business Strategies & Opportunities in 2020
  • October 13 » Session 4—Emerging Technologies & Manufacturing Trends
  • October 14 » Session 5—Product Showdown: Ultrasonic Transducers
  • October 15 » Session 6—Market Trends

Join [LIVE] at 8-10:30am PDT from October 6-8 and 13-15, 2020 to watch all presentations.
Most are available On-Demand. Some are only available during [LIVE] stream (e.g. Disney Keynote).


Who Should Attend?

CEO  ●  Chairmen  ●  Presidents  ●  Senior Executives  ●  Executive Vice Presidents  ●  CTO  ●  Startup Founders  ●  Financial Analysts  ●  Market Researchers  ●  Consulting Firms

2020 MSEC Executive Planning Committee

Speaker Resource Center


Wednesday, October 14, 2020 | MSEC Session 5—Product Showdown: Ultrasonic Transducers

8:00 am - 8:05 am
Marcellino Gemelli, Bosch Sensortec
Marcellino Gemelli
Sr. Director, Business Development, Bosch Sensortec

Welcome/Session Chair

8:05 am - 8:30 am
David Horsley, TDK-Chirp Microsystems
David Horsley, PhD
Co-Founder, TDK-Chirp Microsystems

A Wearable Social Distancing Solution Based on Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight Sensors


Ensuring safe social distancing in the workplace is one piece of the puzzle to enable people to work safely in the age of COVID-19. One means of ensuring safe social distancing is via wearables that continuously measure the distance between personnel. While providers of existing tracking technology based on Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) or RFID trackers are attempting to position their solutions for social distancing, finer accuracy requirements narrow down the options to ultrasonic and ultrawideband (UWB), with ultrasonic delivering a greater accuracy of < 1 cm versus < 10 cm for UWB. Relative to UWB, MEMS ultrasonic time-of-flight (ToF) range sensors consume much less power: a Chirp ToF solution can operate at 1% of the power required by UWB chips, enabling a coin-cell tag to operate for an entire workweek. In addition, electromagnetic range sensing solutions such as UWB have a critical failing for social distancing solutions: UWB cannot natively determine whether people are separated by a barrier, such as a door, window, wall, or partition. Because ultrasound propagates through air, only ultrasonic sensing can natively determine whether people are safely separated in the workplace. In this presentation, I will describe how tracking solution-providers are using Chirp’s MEMS ultrasonic ToF range sensors to create social-distancing solutions that respect an individual’s privacy but also permit an automated contact tracing capability to notify affected individuals and their emergency contact or direct management, providing a cost-effective way to minimize workforce disruption and stop chains of infection from propagating.

8:30 am - 8:55 am
Gioel Molinari, Butterfly Network
Gioel Molinari
President, Butterfly Network

Semiconductor Based Ultrasound & Democratization of Medical Imaging


In this presentation we will introduce the technology behind Butterfly iQ, the worlds first and only handheld ultrasound system. Enabled by Butterfly's Transducer-on-CMOS, iQ is 10x less expensive than any comparable traditional ultrasound and provides less expert users witha connected and easy-to-use diagnostic solution.

8:55 am - 9:25 am

Topic Discussion Breakouts

9:25 am - 9:50 am
Dan Goehl, Ultrasense Systems
Dan Goehl
Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer, Ultrasense Systems

Ultrasound as a Touch User Interface to Bring Surfaces to Life


In this presentation, we will explore how ultrasound and UltraSense’ TouchPoint technology can be used to replace mechanical buttons and why certain markets are ready or need to transform rapidly from mechanical to seamless virtual buttons.

9:50 am - 10:30 am

Networking with Sponsors

10:30 am - 12:00 pm

ASU SensMach Event


Registration Fee

  • Member: $199
  • Non-Member: $299
  • Non-Member for Government, Military, and Academia: $249
    • Contact Michelle Fabiano at for discount code. Must have a valid .gov, .mil or .edu email address.

Group Registrations

  • Register 5: 20% discount
  • Register 10: 25% discount
  • Register 15: 30% discount

For group discounts, contact Michelle Fabiano at 

Late registrations may result in delayed conference access.
We recommend registering at least 10 minutes before the event to allow enough time for the system to process your registration, in order to access the first session on time.

Cancellations received on or before September 21, 2020 will be fully refunded (less $30 cancellation fee).

Michelle Fabiano 






Sponsorship Contact

Eric Rude
Sr. Sales Manager, SEMI
Tel: +1.408.943.7047