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About the FOA

The Fab Owners Alliance (FOA), a SEMI technology community, is an international, group of semiconductors & MEMS fab owners and industry suppliers who meet regularly to discuss and act on common manufacturing issues, combining strengths and resources to maintain and increase their global competitiveness. Established in 2004, the FOA represents 25+ device maker companies with over 120 semiconductor manufacturing facilities and 65+ suppliers to the industry. With a network of global offices, the FOA connects fab managers and accelerates manufacturing excellence at semiconductor fabs around the world.

Our Vision

We are an international, nonprofit, mutual-benefit corporation of semiconductor fab owners and associates who meet regularly to discuss and act on common manufacturing issues, combining strengths and resources to become more globally competitive.

Our Value Proposition

We are a collaboration of Fab Owners who see our Fabs as the crown jewel in our companies competitive strategy. We believe operating our manufacturing facilities provides superior value to our customers.

“Our participation in FOA study teams including industrial engineering, facilities, and human resources allows us to discuss common manufacturing challenges and benefit from non-competitive knowledge sharing that helps us improve fab efficiency and business results. Meetings of FOA, a SEMI technology community, are a great opportunity to meet suppliers from across the supply chain to learn about new products and services.”
On Semi
John Spicer
Vice President, Global Fab Operations, ON Semiconductor

Join the FOA


Interested in being a part of the FOA community? Gain a seat in this thriving group of experienced semiconductor-manufacturing experts from around the world.

As a SEMI member, activation into the SEMI FOA community is simple. Just complete this short form for activation and we will handle the rest.

  1. To join FOA, you first have to be a SEMI member. Learn more about SEMI membership and the cost of membership
  2. Fill out our membership application.
  3. Contact your local SEMI office to speak to a representative from that region or email us with any questions at


  • Access to the entire SEMI member network
  • Connect with other SEMI technology communities


  • Join working groups to solve challenges
  • Meet influencers at neutral technical forums
  • Engage in global advocacy on issues such as trade building, talent, and technology development


  • Speak at influential industry events around the globe
  • Connect to our one-of-a-kind PR Program for marketing activities including blogs and webinars.


  • Members-only resources available 24/7 including market data reports, white papers, webinar recordings, presentations and more


  • Member pricing on conferences, exhibitions and industry research
  • Cost savings on many everyday fab and business needs
  • Identify best practices in process flow – manufacturers get the most out of tools by sharing techniques for increasing throughput.
  • Benchmarks and statistical data – information useful for improving operations and maximizing production capability.
  • Legacy tool maintenance and spare parts management strategies – maximize uptime by sharing optimal maintenance schedules and access to spare parts.
  • Personnel & staffing – optimize shift lengths, work rules for specific equipment, knowledge transfer and partake in the workforce development discussion.
  • Hear and share supplier experiences – gather experience when tool repair and service becomes necessary.
  • Access to a large number of suppliers – share and learn from the experience of others when looking for a specific capability or looking to educate a number of customers and partners in one convenient setting.
  • Share information – on Environmental Health & Safety, and other issues as tracked by SEMI Experts.

FOA Staff

To contact the FOA staff, please email at

Michael Ciesinski

Vice President, Technology Communities

Tom Salmon

Executive Director, FOA & VP, CTP

Shilpa Talwalker

Program Manager

Christie Baker

Program Coordinator