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Spotlight on SEMI Women recognizes and celebrates the many accomplished women who work in our global microelectronics industry. We want to put the spotlight on the fact that this industry welcomes, includes, honors and promotes women.

Nominate an amazing women who work in our SEMI member companies today! Nominees should include women who are beacons of knowledge, leaders of organizations and initiatives, hidden heroes and innovators in our industry. They are volunteers, protectors, intellectual disruptors and activists. Read below for more on some of these amazing leaders and role models.

Amy Leong FormFactor

Q1 2020 Honoree
Amy Leong
Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President Mergers and Acquisitions

Debbie Gustafson Photo

Q4 2019 Honoree
Debbie Gustafson
Chief Executive Officer
Energetiq Technology

Elizabeth Lee XFAB

Q2 2019 Honoree
Elizabeth Lee, X-Fab

Katie Maloney Edwards

Q1 2018 Honoree
Katie Maloney, Edwards Vacuum


Q4 2018 Honoree
Ellie Yieh, Applied Materials

Jessica Gomez

Q3 2018 Honoree
Jessica Gomez, Rogue Valley Microdevices

Who Will You Nominate?

Do you know someone who shows leadership through Innovating, Volunteering, Mentoring, Leading through Values, or Technology? All nominations are welcome.