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Session 1: Economic Trends

Innovation in Advanced Packaging is Coming from AI Processors

Jean-Christophe Eloy
President and CEO
Yole Développement

The emergence of AI based applications in our daily life has pushed the overall semiconductor industry to develop and implement new technologies from the silicon chip to the PCB. 

Stringent requirements in terms of power consumptions and computing performance as well as for consumer and high performance applications have led packaging designers to be innovative and OEMs to be involved deeply. 

From datacenters to high-end smartphones, the use of packaging platforms such as silicon interposer and very fine line/space has become a standard where no compromise can be done on the performance and power consumption. The form factor requirement for the battery-powered devices such as smartphones and tablets is another reason why we see application processors foundries and manufacturers being part of the innovation to ensure and deliver an overall performance consistency in the end-system devices. 

In this presentation, Yole will present the evolution of the advanced packaging as a new battlefield for the strategy of the semiconductor companies and leverage its expertise in both AI processors and high-end packaging to highlight the different innovation and performance achieved and associate the growing market size and the emerging platforms such as 3D SoC. On top of that, Yole will present the ecosystems with the companies and R&D institutes who play a role in this innovation.