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LaMar HillLaMar Hill is currently in the President’s Office at NY CREATES in Albany, NY that runs some of the most advanced semiconductor R&D facilities in the world, boasts more than 2,700 industry experts and faculty, and manages public and private investments of more than $15 billion. Mr. Hill works on strategic initiatives and workforce development and has been a primary member of New York’s Tech Valley and Mohawk Valley regional economic development teams for the past twenty-three years. These initiatives led to the decision by Global Foundries to build a $12+B manufacturing campus in Saratoga County New York and CREE to build a high volume SiC device Manufacturing Fab at the Marcy Nanocenter site near Utica, NY. Accelerating technology commercialization has been the focus of Mr. Hill’s activities for the past thirty-five years.

Mr. Hill received a BA degree in Chemistry from Kalamazoo College and an MS degree in Chemistry from UCLA. Mr. Hill has instructed classes on technological entrepreneurship at several academic institutions. He has also served on several organizational and corporate Boards.

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