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Factory Optimization 

Chairs: Thomas Beeg, Wolfspeed; Jagdish Prasad, Silfex (Lam Research); Stefan Radloff, Intel Corporation; Dave Gross, SkyWater Technology; Alin Ila, Intel; Patrick R. Varekamp, Ph.D., GLOBALFOUNDRIES  

Session 7

7.1  AMHS Capability Assessment Based on Planned Product Mixes 
Robert Schmaler, Christian Hammel, FabFlow GmbH; Christian Schubert, Infineon Technologies Dresden  

7.2  An Artificial Neural Network Based Algorithm for Real Time Dispatching Decisions  
Shiladitya Chakravorty, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Nagendra N. Nagarur, Binghamton University 

7.3  Order Release Methods in Semiconductor Manufacturing: State-of-the-Art in Science and Lessons from Industry (Student) 
Jacob Lohmer, Christian Flechsig, Rainer Lasch, Technische Universität Dresden; Konstantin Schmidt, Benjamin Zettler, Germar Schneider, Infineon Technologies Dresden  

7.4  Output Improvement in High Volume Fabs by Reducing Recipe Qualifications 
Ace Chen, Chris Keith, Haim Albalak, Applied Materials 

7.5  Dynamic Dispatching for FOUP Cleaning    
Karthik Iyer, John Barker, Shiladitya Chakravorty, Binay Dash, GLOBALFOUNDRIES 

Session 14

14.1  Eliminating He as Wafer Cooling Gas in PECVD Wafer Fabrication Equipment 
Gerald Joseph Brady, Jon David Sumega, Terry Powell, Eric Madsen, Lam Research (manuscript only)

14.2  Method for Improving Stability of Plasma Ignition of Target X in a Multi-Cathode Magnetron PVD System 
Jessica Gruss-Gifford, Virat Mehta, Oscar van der Straten, Gabriel Rodriguez, Maxwell Lippit, Donald Canaperi, IBM Research 

14.3  ALD TiN Surface Defect Reduction for 12nm and Beyond Technologies 
Aditya Kumar, Kyle Pratt, Olugbenga Famodu, Bhavyen Patel, GLOBALFOUNDRIES 

14.4  A High Throughput PMOS Source-Drain Process Optimized within FINFET Architecture for High Volume Chip Manufacturing  
Rakesh C. Mahadevapuram, Vikas K Kaushal, Arvind Raviswaran, Samsung Austin Semiconductor 

Session 5 - Poster

5.2 Additive Manufacturing Applications for Quality Improvement and Cost Reduction
William James Blalack, Samsung Austin (manuscript only)

5.8 Empirical Relationship between Cycle Time Impact and Batching on Furnaces in Semiconductor Foundry
Nivedha Rajasekaran, Vikram Arjunwadkar, Richard Man, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

5.17 Innovative Approach on Dynamic Behavior of LPCVD Nitride Process on Diffusion Furnace 
Satyajit Shinde, Chee Huei Chan, Marcus Minchew, Lawrence Mbonu, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

5.21 Practical Considerations for High Throughput Wafer Level Tests of Silicon-Photonics Integrated Devices
Kate McLean, Calvin Ma, Subharup Gupta Roy, Fen Guan, Hanyi Ding, Bart Green, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

5.27 Staggering Preventive Maintenance Actions at CMP Using a Dispatching Algorithm
Srikanth Ramakrishnan, Shiladitya Chakravorty, Jensen Tay, David Olsen, Peter Zumpano, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

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