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Defect Inspection  

Chairs: Alexa Greer, KLA; Israel Ne’eman, Applied Materials; Alex Varghese, IBM Research; Abhishek Vikram, Anchor Semiconductor; Shravan Matham, IBM Research; Oliver Patterson, Hermes Micro-Vision; Qintao Zhang, Applied Materials 


Session 3 - Defect Inspection I

3.1   Creative Use of Vector Scan for Efficient SRAM Inspection  
Oliver D. Patterson, Hsiao-Chi Peng, Haokun Hu, Hermes Microvision (An ASML company); Chih-Chung Huang, Paneer S. Venkatachalam, GLOBALFOUNDRIES 

3.2   Analysis of Systematic Weak Point Structures using Design Based Automatic Defect Classification and Defect Review SEM Platform 
Teresa A. Esposito, Felix Levitov, Applied Materials; Shi-Hui Jen, Qian Xie, Danda Acharya, Julie Lee, GLOBALFOUNDRIES 

3.3   Electron Beam Inspection: Voltage Contrast Inspection to Characterize Contact Isolation  
Richard F. Hafer, Andrew Stamper, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Jerry Hsieh, Hermes Microvision Inc. 

3.4   Double Feature Extraction Method for Wafer Map Classification Based on Convolution Neural Network  
Yuan-Fu Yang, Min Sun, National Tsing Hua University (Student) 

3.5   Generative Adversarial Networks for Synthetic Defect Generation in Assembly and Test Manufacturing 
Rajhans Singh, Arizona State University and Intel; Ravi Garg, Nital S. Patel, Martin W. Braun, Intel Corporation 

Session 8 - Defect Inspection II

8.1   Automated Wafer Defect Classification Using a Convolutional Neural Network Augmented with Distributed Computing 
Hairong Lei, Cho Teh, Hetong Li, Po-Hsuan Lee, Wei Fang, Hermes Microvision (An ASML company) 

8.2   Advanced Inspection Methodology for the Maximum Extension of Nitride Test Wafer Recycling  
Yu-Yuan Ke, Kuang-Hsiu Chen, Shin-Ru Chen, Guan-Wei Huang, Wesley Yu, Po-Jen Chuang, Chun-Li Lin, Chih-Wei Huang, Jun-Ming Chen, United Microelectronics Corporation; Nachiketa Janardan, Tung-Ying Lee, Ethan Chen, Chao-Yu Cheng, Shao-Ju Chang, KLA  

8.3   Laser-Based Hair Crack Detection on Wafers 
Alexander Fuchs, Franz Pernkopf, Graz University of Technology; Robin Priewald, Bright Red Systems (Student)  

8.4   Real-Time Tool Health Monitoring and Defect Inspection During Epoxy Dispense Process 
Chris Edwards, Meghana Narayana Swamy, Ravi Garg, Tim Karaniuk, Cody L. Morgan, Debashis Panda, Intel Corporation

Session 5 - Posters

5.16  In-line Photoresist Defect Reduction Through Failure Mode and Root-Cause Analysis
S. Goswami, S. Hall, W. Wyko, J.T. Elson, J. Galea, J. Kretchmer, General Electric Global Research Center

5.19  NextGen Calibration Utility for Tool Setup and Matching in Real-Time Automated Visual Inspection Systems
Chris Edwards, Cody L. Morgan, John Rudolph, Danniel Slinker, Debashis Panda, Intel Corporation

5.20  Particle Improvement for Low-K Process in Diffusion Furnace   
Viboth Houy, Janice Lam, Halima Ali, Samsung Austin

5.30  Systematic Missing Pattern Defects Introduced by Topcoat Change at PC Lithography: A Case Study in the Tandem Usage of Inspection Methods   
M. Fields, R. VanRoijen, M. Lucksinger, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

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