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Advanced Equipment Processes and Materials – sponsored by IBM Research  

Chairs: Thirumalesh Bannuru, Applied Materials; Katie Lutker, TEL; Jean Wynne, IBM Research 

Session 4

4.1   Comparing PVD Titanium Nitride Film Properties and Their Effect on Beyond 7nm EUV Patterning 
Scott DeVries, Ekmini Anuja De Silva, Donald Canaperi, Andrew Simon, Abraham Arceo de la Pena, Wei Wang, Joseph Maniscalco, Luciana Meli, Brock Mendoza, IBM Research 

4.2   Quasi-atomic Layer Etching in the BEOL for Advanced Logic Nodes (7 nm and Beyond)  
Michael Edley, Katie Lutker-Lee, Xinghua Sun, Yen-Tien Lu, Angélique Raley, TEL Technology Center, America, LLC 

4.3   Oval-Shaped OP-Layer Hole Etching: Shape Deformation, Local Arcing and Hole Bridging Improvements  
Zusing Yang, Yao-Yuan Chang, Ming-Tsung Wu, Hong-Ji Lee, Nan-Tzu Lian, Tahone Yang, Kuang-Chao Chen, and Chih-Yuan Lu, Macronix International Co. 

4.4   PMOS SiGe Epitaxial Growth Process Improvement to Increase Yield and Throughput 
Vikas Kaushal, Rakesh Mahadevapuram, Guozhen Yue, Arvind Raviswaran, Samsung Austin Semiconductor 

4.5   Energy Density and Temperature Calibration for FEOL Nanosecond Laser Annealing  
Yasir Sulehria, Oleg Gluschenkov, IBM Research; Michael Willemann, Shaoyin Chen, Thirumal Thanigaivelan, Veeco Instruments 

Session 5 - Poster

5.4 Characteristics of SiGe Oxidation and Ge Loss according to Ge Content (manuscript only)
Meejung Kwon, SongI Han, Je Hyeok Ryu, Chiyoung Lee, Yoon Young Lee and Byoung Hoon Kim, PSK 

5.6 Effect of In-situ Capping on Phase Change Memory Device Performance

K. W. Brew, R. Conti, I.Saraf, G. Rodriquez, M. Lippitt, N. Saulnier, IBM; Y. Xu, S. Manita, T. Masuda, T. Jimbo, ULVAC

5.24 Science of Sealing: Advanced Materials for High-Temperature Applications   
Thomas S. Reger, Gary J. Reichl, Greene, Tweed

5.25 Selective Metal Deposition to Increase Productivity  
Robert L. Rhoades, Revasum; Rashid Mavliev, IPGrip; Knut Gottfried, Fraunhofer ENAS (manuscript only)

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