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Thomas Sonderman, SkyWater Technology

Mr. Sonderman joined SkyWater as the lead executive to pioneer the Technology Foundry model, combining process R&D with volume manufacturing in the same facility. He effectively drove the company’s transformation from an IDM, enabling new dimensions of innovation in the post Moore’s Law era. As the only U.S.-based and U.S.-owned semiconductor foundry, SkyWater is focused on reinstating a strong manufacturing presence in the U.S. Mr. Sonderman has extensive industry experience in all aspects of fab operations and has delivered market leadership and increased shareholder value to high-technology industry leaders Rudolph Technologies, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and AMD. Notably, he played a critical role serving as part of an executive team at AMD that spun-off manufacturing operations to form GLOBALFOUNDRIES. He has authored 47 patents and numerous articles in the area of manufacturing technology. Mr. Sonderman received BS and MS degrees in Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, respectively.

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