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SEMI North American Advisory Board (NAAB)

Hands together for collaboration

The SEMI North American Advisory Board will represent the interests of the SEMI membership in North America to the SEMI International Board of Directors.

Strengthen the financial, market, and technology performance of SEMI member companies operating in North America through programs, influence on the device community, and impact on public policy.  Implement regional initiatives, products and services, focused on active promotion of membership needs, including lobbying, education, and market statistics.

The SEMI North American Advisory Board is composed of SEMI Members who manufacture products or services in the region or represent constituencies that are critical to the implementation of the Mission.  Its purpose is to facilitate for the SEMI membership in North America collective efforts that can be more effectively or efficiently undertaken as an industry association than as individual companies.  The Board defines policy and direction for region specific issues as delegated by the SEMI International Board.

If you have any questions about the NAAB, please contact:

David Anderson
President, SEMI Americas
email: l tel: 1.408.943.6960

Hands together for collaboration

NAAB Members

Kim Arnold

Executive Director
Wafer Level Packaging Materials
Brewer Science

Scott Balaguer (Chair)

VP and GM
Semiconductor Division, North America
Edwards Vacuum, Part of Atlas Copco Group

Jerry Cutini
Oreste Donzella

Executive VP
EPC Group

Emerald Greig (Vice Chair)

Executive VP US & Europe

Debbie Gustafson

Energetiq Technology

Dave Kirsch

VP and GM
EV Group

Doug Lefever

President and CEO

Jeff Pembroke

Executive VP
Advanced Technology Solutions

Mike Slessor, PhD

President and CEO

Larry Smith

TEL America

Yuval Wasserman

President and CEO
Advanced Energy

Jeff White​

EMD Performance Materials, Americas​