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SEMI F47 - Voltage Sag Immunity Standard Reapproved

By Kevin Nguyen, SEMI

SEMI F47-0706 Specification for Semiconductor Processing Equipment Voltage Sag Immunity, originally published in 2000 and updated in 2006, has been hugely successful.  The standard has been implemented by essentially all semiconductor tool vendors, and is now required by almost all fabs world-wide.  SEMI F47 requires that tools be immune to voltage sags that commonly occur on AC power grids.  Over the life of the SEMI F47 standard, hundreds of millions of dollars of fab and tool downtime has been avoided.

To ensure standards that are up-to-date, SEMI Regulations require that all current standards are reviewed every five years.  Last published in 2006, SEMI F47 was maintained by The North America Facilities Committee.  Alex McEachern (Power Standards Lab) formed the F47 Review Task Force to conduct the review process in October 2011.

F47 was circulated among tool vendors, end users, testing labs, and associated parties, and based on their input, it was determined that no technical change was needed.   The standard was issued as a reapproval ballot to the global Facilities Committee in April 2012, and no reject votes were received.  The ballot passed technical committee review, and is now published as SEMI F47-0706 (Reapproved 0812) - Specification for Semiconductor Processing Equipment Voltage Sag Immunity

The next Facilities Committee meeting will be on April 2-3, 2013 in San Jose, CA during the NA Standards Spring Meetings.  If you have any questions or would like to propose a revision to SEMI F47, please contact Kevin Nguyen at . For more information on SEMI Standards activities or upcoming meetings, please visit:

SEMI, Standards Watch, December 2012