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Publication Date:

Publication Schedule:

Monthly (Delivered six weeks after the close of each month)

Principal Analysts:

Inna Skvortsova, SEMI


Microsoft® Excel® file (.xls)
Mass Flow Controller Market Statistics

This subscription is your complete source for mass flow controller trends (MFC) for the microelectronics industry (including semiconductor, FPD, Micro-sensor, thin film head, etc.) Data published in this report is based on direct inputs from the major MFC suppliers around the world. This set of monthly data can help you understand market trends and benchmark this $300+ million a year industry.


Product Information

An annual subscription includes: monthly MFC shipment revenues by category to seven market regions (Europe, China, Japan, North America, Korea, Taiwan, and Rest of World) for the microelectronics mass follow controller market and total MFC unit shipments. Historical data from 2003 is also included. In 2015 the reporting categories were updated to reflect thermal pressure, and liquid MFC's by end-user and OEM. Prior to 2015, the categories reflected analog and digital MFC's for liquid and gas by end-user and OEM. 

Data is compiled from actual inputs by mass flow controller suppliers from around the world. Key categories are updated each month with data supplied by participating MFC companies to an independent third-party accounting firm, guaranteeing confidentiality of company specific information. 


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SEMI Mass Flow Controller (MFC) Market Statistics Report - Annual Subscription $625 $1,150 Buy Now