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SEMI and IEEE invite authors to submit a technical abstract to ASMC 2020. ASMC is the leading international technical conference for exploring solutions to improve collective microelectronics manufacturing expertise. Solving the challenges presented by semiconductor manufacturing is an ongoing collaborative effort by customers, device makers, equipment and materials suppliers, and academia. The conference provides an unparalleled platform for semiconductor professionals to network and learn the latest information in the practical application of advanced manufacturing strategies and methodologies.


ASMC is now soliciting abstracts from professionals involved in all areas of semiconductor manufacturing. Authors of selected papers have an opportunity to present their work at the conference. They also may receive an invitation to publish their paper in a special section of ASMC 2020, featured in IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing.


  • ASMC 2020 ENTEGRIS Best Paper Award 
    All papers presented at ASMC will be considered for the ASMC 2020 Entegris Best Paper Award.
  • ASMC 2020 GLOBALFOUNDRIES Best Student Paper
    Papers authored and presented by a student or student/professor are eligible for the 2019 ASMC Outstanding Student Paper competition, sponsored by GLOBALFOUNDRIES. Please indicate in the abstract if the paper will be authored by a student.


  • Abstracts Due:                October 8, 2019 
  • Author Notification:        December 9, 2019
  • Manuscripts Due:            February 3, 2020  
  • Final Manuscripts Due:   April 1, 2020
  • Presentations Due:         April 24, 2020 
  • Conference Dates:          May 4-7, 2020


Original, non-commercial, non-published works are being solicited in specific categories. Peer-reviewed papers are selected based on a clear outline of the problem, analysis, solution/results, and conclusions. Papers co-authored between customers, device manufacturers, equipment or materials suppliers, and/or academic institutions​ (including students)​  that demonstrate innovative, practical solutions for advancing semiconductor manufacturing​ are​ highly encouraged. Authors should:


  • Provide an extended abstract of no more than two pages (including text, data, and supporting figures and/or tables) in MS Word or PDF format.  Figures and tables may be embedded in the text or added as a second page, following text.
  • Use the abstract template to summarize the topic and theme in as much detail as allowed by the two (2) page limit. Include title, author(s), company affiliation(s), primary contact information, topic, and references.
  • The final paper, using the ASMC abstract template must show a complete set of data to support the initial abstract. 

Peer-reviewed papers are selected based on a clear outline of the problem, analysis, solution/results, and conclusions. Authors who prefer to present in the poster session must indicate this request on their abstract.






    Margaret Kindling at