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Discussion on the Assembly and Test Layout in 5G Era on the 15th SEMI China Assembly and Test Committee Meeting

Group Photo of 15th SEMI China Assembly and Test Committee Meeting


The 15th SEMI China Assembly and Test Committee Meeting was held at the Shanghai International Convention Center on June 17. The leaders and technical experts of the Assembly & test industry and the representatives of design and terminal application companies gathered to discuss the new applications and assembly technologies such as IGBT, 5G, and international economic and trade environment. 

Two Co-Chairmen of SEMI China A/T Committee, Wang Xinchao (honorary chairman of JCET), Shi Lei (President of Nantong Fujitsu Microelectronics Co., Ltd.) and Lung Chu (President of SEMI China) delivered a welcome speech respectively.


Wang Xinchao, honorary chairman of JCET

Wang Xinchao said that new energy vehicles, artificial intelligence and other driving forces for industrial development were also gradually taking shape in the current international situation, so they should make concerted efforts to contribute to the development of semiconductor industry in China.


Shi Lei, President of Nantong Fujitsu Microelectronics Co., Ltd.

Shi Lei said that with the increasing awareness to the semiconductor industry, the current international situation further pushes us from "Wanting Localization" to "Requiring Localization." We should narrow the gap with the most advanced international level.


Lung Chu, President of SEMI China

According to Lung Chu, SEMI has long advocated free trade, win-win cooperation, open markets and protection of intellectual property rights, and SEMI China focuses on the growth of China's semiconductor industry. Lung Chu shared SEMI China's upcoming activities at home and abroad to build an international cooperation and exchange platform for the industry.


Wu Yibo, technical expert of Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co,. Ltd.

Wu Yibo, a technical expert of Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co,. Ltd., introduced the application of IGBT in new energy vehicles, IGBT chip technology for new energy vehicles, IGBT module packaging technology for new energy vehicles and related technical prospects. He pointed out that automotive IGBT had raised the high power density IGBT chip and its assembly technology to a new level. Low consumption, high efficiency, high frequency and high temperature were the development trend of IGBT technology for new-energy vehicles. Silicon-based IGBT would remain the mainstream in the market for a long time. Replacing Si material with SiC material was a technical trend that required a process and faced great technical challenges. They were confident that we would make China's national industries better, bigger and stronger.


Klemens Brunner, Head of Heraeus Electronics

Klemens Brunner, Head of Heraeus Electronics, introduced Heraeus solutions to new generation semiconductor packaging. He pointed out that suitable materials could effectively improve the performance of semiconductor packaging and reduce costs as new semiconductor technologies such as GaN and SiC required breakthroughs in assembly materials.


Wang Jintao, associate professor in the Department of Management Science of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Wang Jintao, an associate professor in the Department of Management Science of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, delivered a speech entitled New Changes in World Trade and Restructuring of Semiconductor Industry Chain. He mainly analyzed from the aspects of new changes in international trade, supply chain and management, supply chain of semiconductor industry, and challenges and opportunities of assembly and test enterprises. He pointed out that change was not only an opportunity but also a challenge for assembly and test enterprises. Enterprises should meet the challenge from the change of technology, the preparation for talents and the research and development of special technologies.


Wu Lin, vice president of UNISOC

Wu Lin, vice president of UNISOC, delivered a speech on 5G Opens a New Era of Chip and Assembly Design. She believed that 5G opened a new milestone in our entire technological society, and the promotion of 5G technology would completely change the shape of our lives in the next five to ten years. From the perspective of cooperation between the entire industry chain, 5G relies on very advanced Fab technology. At the same time, it also relied heavily on complete verification, including our EDA software and hardware verification, as well as our advanced packaging technology and more advanced chip design technology. Only these four steps were necessary to advance our 5G technology.
The last part of this meeting is a high-end dialogue on "First Year of 5G? Assembly and Test Layout" with participants. All of us spoke freely, which pushed the meeting to another climax. "Chips are not omnipotent, but no chips are absolutely impossible," said Lung Chu during the meeting. It is believed that with the collective efforts of the industry elites at the meeting, China's semiconductor industry will develop more healthily and vigorously.