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Wentworth Laboratories Ltd ("Wentworth") is pleased to announce it has signed a new agreement with High Tech Solutions ("HTS") as its local representative for California.

Effective immediately, the contract covers sales of Wentworth's complete range of wafer probers, probe cards and accessories.

Alan Christie, Head of Sales & Marketing at Wentworth, comments: "HTS has established itself as a premier supplier of high-quality products to the technological leaders in Silicon Valley for over 30 years. Its experience in the semiconductor market, coupled with its technical knowledge and complementary products, were key factors in the decision making."

Robert Membreno, President at HTS, adds: "We are delighted to be partnering with Wentworth, a reputable leader in performance wafer probe solutions. By adding their product offering to our extensive portfolio, we can provide customers with a total solution to their testing needs."

HTS is a full-service test manufacturing sales representation firm, uniquely situated to deliver end-to-end solutions for final test and failure analysis in the microelectronics and solar industries.

About Wentworth Laboratories

Wentworth Laboratories was founded in 1967 and has offices in Sandy, Bedfordshire (UK) and Brookfield, Connecticut (US). The company manufactures two major product lines: wafer probe stations and cantilever probe cards, as well as probe card manufacturing equipment and a wide range of accessories.

An expert in its field, the company's products have been selected for many leading-edge wafer test applications across the semiconductor industry, leading to products such as hand-held devices, video game stations, PCs, and medical diagnostic equipment.

Standard cantilever products accommodate blade and epoxy technology for applications such as memory, RF and logic probe cards. Engineered solutions offer an impressive array of cantilever products for high voltage, extreme high and low temperatures and an unprecedented portfolio of bespoke products. The company also offers design services for high speed, digital, analogue, mixed signal and memory applications.

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