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Hua Hong Semiconductor's 3rd-Generation 90nm eFlash Process Platform Successfully Achieved Mass Production

Hua Hong Semiconductor Limited (“Hua Hong Semiconductor” or the “Company,” stock code: 1347.HK), a global leading specialty pure-play foundry, announced that its third-generation 90nm embedded flash (90nm eFlash) process platform has successfully achieved mass production.

Hua Hong Semiconductor continued to improve the competitiveness in the field of embedded Non-Volatile Memory (eNVM) technology. Through continuous technological innovation, the flash cell size of the 3rd-generation 90nm embedded flash process platform is reduced by nearly 40% compared with the second-generation technology, hitting a record low in the embedded flash technology at 90nm process node among foundries worldwide. Flash IP has a more obvious advantage in area, which further reduces the overall chip size, resulting in a greater number of dies on a single wafer.

At the same time, the number of mask layers is further reduced, effectively shortening the manufacture cycle. While reliability is maintained at a high level, reaching 100,000 write/erase cycles and data retention for 25 years. In recent years, Hua Hong Semiconductor has successfully launched three generations of eflash process platforms at 90nm process node, striving to develop more cost-effective solutions while maintaining technical leadership. The stable mass production of the 3rd-generation eFlash platform provides continuous and stable support and solutions for smart cards and security chip products such as SIM card, Ukey and traffic card as well as diversified products such as microcontrollers.

Dr. Kong Weiran, Executive Vice President of Hua Hong Semiconductor, said, "As a leader in eNVM technology, Hua Hong Semiconductor will continue to focus on the research and development of 200mm differentiation technology, aim for the market of high-density smart cards and high-end microcontrollers, provide significant optimization in terms of power consumption and chip size, and extend the existing technical advantage of 200mm to 300mm to serve the domestic and overseas design houses better and satisfy the market needs."