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Developers working on new IoT devices need to develop innovative solutions on short development cycles to meet deadlines and capture market share.  This requires designing custom hardware with new sensors and algorithms, thereby increasing development time and costs. 

A demonstration and discussion will showcase how six sensors : a 6-axis IMU (accelerometer and gyroscope), pressure, temperature, and humidity sensors, and a 3-axis magnetometer in a simple out-of-box solution can be used to obtain quick and easy access to reliable and smart sensor data without the need for programming, soldering or extra modifications.

This enables IoT product developers to evaluate which sensor is the best fit for their application,  algorithm developers to gather real datasets, and test teams can validate the final product on real use-cases.    (SmartBug is an all-in-one sensor module that integrates TDK’s 6-axis IMU (gyroscope + accelerometer) with magnetometer, pressure, temperature, humidity and ultrasonic sensors, and high-precision algorithms which include sensor fusion, HVAC filter monitoring, asset monitoring, gesture detection, activity classification, air mouse monitoring and smart door open/close detection.

Choudrey TDK

Biography:  Sahil Choudhary is currently a Product Manager for IoT Sensors at TDK Invensense. He is an IoT sensor enthusiast, a product marketing advocate and a computer engineer at heart, driving exciting IoT sensor solutions to the market.

Having directly interfaced with a wide range of leading technology customers for over 7 years, Sahil has consistently worked towards enabling seamless & simplified experiences for IoT customers with innovative sensor solutions.

He has worked on a wide variety of sensor applications including Medical IoT, Industrial 5.0, Logistics, Robotics, AR/VR, Smart Home, Home Appliances, Security & Sports monitoring and many more. Sahil is also a recognized speaker with over 70 trainings globally at prestigious conferences on Low Power IoT and Sensor use-cases. Some of his key accomplishments involve launching multiple IoT edge-based solutions, creating a strong mass-market presence, managing key Tier 1 IoT accounts and establishing valued partnerships. Sahil is also very passionate about his entrepreneurial projects, writing, blogging and various philanthropic endeavors.