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Session 2AM 1: Optical Metrology & Machine Learning

Chairs: Vivek Jain, ASML; Delphine Le Cunff, STMicroelectronics; Felix Levitov, Applied Materials; Alok Vaid, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

This session is focused on optical metrology methods and includes advancements and their utilization in novel ways.  The topics relate to optical metrology techniques and machine learning. 


2.1     Development of Inner Spacer Process Control to Enable Nanosheet FET Technology

Dexin Kong, Daniel Schmidt, Mary Breton, Abraham Arceo de la pena, Julien Frougier, Lan Yu, Andrew Green, Jingyun Zhang, Liying Jiang, Veeraraghavan Basker, Nicolas Loubet, Ishtiaq Ahsan, IBM Research; Aron Cepler, Mark Klare, Marjorie Cheng, NOVA


2.2    The Adoption of Machine Learning in the Measurement of Copper Contact on the Main Chip in Advanced 3D NAND Technology Nodes

Michael Meng, Albert Li, Andrew Zhang, Leeming Tu, Haydn Zhou, Jian Mi, Yangtze Memory Technologies Co.; Xi Zou, Nanometrics


2.3    Applying Machine Learning to Reflectometry Spectra of Ultra-Thin Oxide Films in High Volume Manufacturing

Ashok Sedhain, Padraig Timoney, Philip Hatfield, Roma Luthra, Alok Vaid, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Paul Isbester, Haibo Liu, Igor Turovets, Avi Levy, NOVA


2.4    Characterization of Sub Micron Metal Line Arrays Using Picosecond Ultrasonics

M. Mehendale, M Kotelyanskii, R. Mair, P. Mukundhan, Onto Innovation; J. Bogdanowicz, L. Teugels, A.-L. Charley, P. Kuszewski, imec


2.5     Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Imaging for Process Deviation Detection via Deep Learning Approach

T. Alcaire, D. Le Cunff, V. Gredy, STMicroelectronics, J.H. Tortai, University Grenoble Alpes


Networking Lunch

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