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Session 14Factory Optimization

Chairs: Dave Gross, SkyWater Technology; Alin Ila, Intel; Patrick R. Varekamp, PhD, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

The challenges of current and future semiconductor process technologies require an increased application of modelling, simulation and optimization technologies. Utilization of cross industry best practices and automated decision-making and execution will enable improved factory efficiency. Presentations in this session will discuss solutions to optimize equipment in chip factories.


14.1  Eliminating He as Wafer Cooling Gas in PECVD Wafer Fabrication Equipment

Gerald Joseph Brady, Jon David Sumega, Terry Powell, Eric Madsen, Lam Research


14.2 Method for Improving Stability of Plasma Ignition of Target X in a Multi-Cathode Magnetron PVD system

Jessica Gruss-Gifford, Virat Mehta, Oscar van der Straten, Gabriel Rodriguez, Maxwell Lippit, Donald Canaperi, IBM Research


14.3 ALD TiN Surface Defect Reduction for 12nm and Beyond Technologies

Aditya Kumar, Kyle Pratt, Olugbenga Famodu, Bhavyen Patel, GLOBALFOUNDRIES


14.4 A High Throughput PMOS Source-Drain Process Optimized within FINFET Architecture for High Volume Chip Manufacturing

Rakesh C. Mahadevapuram, Vikas K Kaushal, Arvind Raviswaran, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

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