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Session 13Contamination Free Manufacturing

Chairs: Jennifer Braggin, Entegris; Christopher Ebert, Linde; Christopher Long, IBM Research

Contamination in the form of particulates, surface impurities and volatile organic compounds can have a significant impact on semiconductor wafer fab yield and reliability. This session will feature papers focused on tool and process improvement to reduce overall on wafer contamination in order to eliminate killer defects, drive yield improvement and minimize yield excursions.


13.1 Particle Defect Reduction Through YF3 Coated Remote Plasma Source for High Throughput Dry Cleaning Process

Hyojeong Seo, Jeonghye Yang, Young Jae Ma, Jongwoo Park, Mi Kyoung Kim, David H. Seo, Sung Jin Yoon, Sang Jong Park, PSK Inc.


13.2 Impact of Process Chambers Exhaust on Wafer Defectivity in Wet Clean Tools

Kedari Matam, Brown Peethala, Charles Taft, Zachary Gardner, Michael Liefels, George Yang, Sankar Muthumanickam, Devika Sil, IBM Semiconductor Technology Research


13.3 Pressure Flush + Merge Burn for Particle Reduction

Kunal Raghuwansi, John Leclair, Dmitry Zhernokletov, Timothy Lee, Samsung Austin Semiconductor


12.4 Formation and Removal of Tungsten Flake and Metallic Film Defects in Tungsten Contact CMP

Bryan Egan, Robert Solan, Hong Jin Kim, GLOBALFOUNDRIES


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