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Session 11AM 2: Patterning and 3D M II

Chairs: Ronny Haupt, NOVA; Sean Teehan, IBM Research; Padraig Timoney, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

This session is focused on patterning metrology, and the topics related to overlay, SEM and interferometry techniques.


11.1 Overlay Improvement for Semiconductor Manufacturing Using Moiré Effect

Yoshinori Hagio, Kentaro Kasa, Sho Kawadahara, Manabu Takakuwa, KIOXIA Corporation; Yosuke Takahata, Katsuya Kato, Akihiro Nakae, Western Digital Corporation


11.2 Improved Duplicate Photomask Matching using AIMS™ Metrology for 14nm and Smaller

Jean Raymond Fakhoury, Mark Lawliss, Tom Faure, Amy Zweber, Yurong Ying, Chris Magg, Bradley Morgenfeld, GLOBALFOUNDRIES


11.3 SEM Image Denoising and Contour Image Estimation using Deep Learning

Narendra Chaudhary, Serap A. Savariy, Texas A&M University; Varvara Brackmannz, Michael Friedrich, Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems


11.4 Computational Process Control Compatible Dimensional Metrology Tool: Through-focus Scanning Optical Microscopy

Ravi Kiran Attota, National Institute of Standards and Technology

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