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Session 10Yield Enhancement

Chairs: Sagar Kekare, KLA; Reshmi Mitra, Samsung Austin Semiconductor; Larry Pulvirent, SkyWater Technology

Yield improvement in today’s fabs requires careful process development and proactive preventive steps for mitigating yield loss. This session covers papers detailing cobalt process development work for improved yield & reliability, preventive measures to mitigate potential yield loss during new product introductions, a detailed study of BEOL defectivity for AI applications and describes challenges of optimizing yield in fabs with a diverse product mix.


10.1   In-situ Preclean Impact on Selective Cobalt Cap Deposition and Electromigration

Matthew Shoudy, Hosadurga Shobha, Huai Huang, Son Nguyen, IBM Semiconductor Technology Research; Chao-Kun Hu, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center


10.2   Machine Learning Assisted Prototyping

Nelson D’Amour, Andres Torres, Ivan Kissiov, Peter Buck, Mentor, A Siemens Business; Stefan Schueler, Carsten Hartig, GLOBALFOUNDRIES


10.3   A Systematic Study on BEOL Defectivity Control for Future AI Application

James H.-C. Chen, Fee li Lie, Scott DeVries, Carol Boye, Sanjay Mehta, Thamarai S. Devarajan, Mary-Claire Silvestre, Wei-Tsu Tseng, and Massud A. Aminpur, IBM Research


10.4 Uniformity and Yield Optimization for a Highly Diverse Product Mix

Raymond Van Roijen, Mark Lucksinger, Matthew Fields, Robert Baiocco, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

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