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Session 1—Yield Enhancement / Yield Methodologies

Chairs: Ishtiaq Ahsan, IBM Research; Janay Camp, KLA; Gary Green, Green Technology Consulting; Dieter Rathei, D R Yield

Yield improvement in today’s fabs requires deep understanding of root cause of fails and tight process control. This session covers papers that provide details of root causes of yield fails, addresses methodologies enabling tight process control and pattern matching techniques using machine learning for accelerated yield learning.


1.1    Simulated CWAC to Eliminate1st Wafer Effect and Improve Process Capability

Kunal Raghuwansi, John LeClair, Dmitry Zhernokletov, Samsung Austin Semiconductor


1.2    Middle of Line (MOL) Process Investigation in Ring Oscillator Failure

Victor Chan, M. Bergendahl, S. Choi, A. Gaul, J. Strane, A. Greene, J. Demarest, J. Li, L. Jiang, C. Le, S. Teehan, D Gao, IBM Research


1.3    Characterization of Doped Oxide Films PSG/BPSG/FSG via DSIMS in Order to Eliminate Nonzero Kilometer Failures from Semiconductors Used in Automotive Industry 

Thanas Budri, Jeffrey Klatt, Texas Instruments


1.4   Qualifying Inline Xe Plasma FIB - Returning Milled Wafers Back to Production

Franz Niedermeier, Infineon; Haim Pearl, Applied Materials


1.5   Middle of Line: Challenges and its Resolution for FinFET Technology

Shiv Kumar Mishra, Erik Geiss, Aditya Kumar, Arkadiusz Malinowsk, Kaushikee Mishra, Gao Wen Zhi, Wenhe Lin, Bangun Indajang, Dustin Slisher, GLOBALFOUNDRIES


Networking Lunch

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