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Author Instructions

The ASMC 2021 Call for Papers is Open!

  • Abstract topics
  • All technical manuscripts, regardless of presentation format, will be published in the ASMC 2021 proceedings. Authors who missed the call for papers should consider submitting an abstract in the 'Breaking News' category.

We strongly recommend that authors receive management approval, including travel support, in advance of abstract submission. If you cannot confirm that your paper will be presented in person, either by yourself, co-author or qualified speaker, your paper will not be published. 

ASMC 2021 could be held as a virtual event depending on progress in containing COVID-19. Whether the event is on-site or virtual, all technical papers accepted for presentation will be published by IEEE. If the conference takes place in Saratoga Springs, speakers would be given the option to present live or virtually. If held online, all speakers would be expected to deliver their presentations virtually.

It is critical that you include in your timeline company approval cycles, which may be a longer process than preparation of the actual manuscript and presentation. Please note the following dates and share this information with your co-author(s) and management. Conference registration is a requirement for participation and to receive the ASMC 2021 proceedings. Dates are subject to change.


2020 Best Paper Award Winners will be announced in the coming weeks.

2020 Best Paper Award Sponsored by Entegris

2020 Best Student Paper Award Sponsored by GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Important Due Dates and Instructions

Call for Papers September 14, 2020 Instructions regarding abstracts submissions located on the ASMC 2021 call for abstracts. Information also located on abstract collection site. Download ASMC Abstract Template. 
Abstracts due October 30, 2020 Submit abstract(s) to ASMC 2021 collection site.
Authors notified December 15, 2020 Primary contact for abstract will be notified of status.  Email notification includes unique link for manuscript upload.
Speaker Letter of Agreement form (accepted abstracts)
Manuscript due for review February 9, 2021 Authors submit manuscript for review by technical committee members.
Final manuscript due April 7, 2021 Final, company-approved manuscript (PDF ONLY) and must be submitted electronically to the ASMC collection site in order to be published in the ASMC 2021 proceedings. First, upload your manuscript (preferably a DOC) to IEEE PDF eXpress: Conference ID is 51741X. You will need to create an new account. After you receive the approved PDF from IEEE, upload the PDF to the Catalyst site. Make sure to complete the copyright form, then click save and submit.  You will receive a confirmation once completed.
Presentations Due April 20, 2021

Speakers are responsible for providing a pre-recorded presentation (mp4) along with a PDF version of the slides. We strongly encourage speakers to use the ASMC PPT Template (16x9). We strongly recommend that you peer-review your presentation to ensure that graphics are clear and sufficient material to fill your presentation time (20 minutes). 

Speakers: Download the virtual background

Conference Dates May 10-12, 2021 A reduced speaker registration rate is available. A student rate is also available. Contact Paul Cohen at with immediate questions. 

Manuscript Instructions

All authors are required to submit a preliminary manuscript (PDF or DOC) to the ASMC collection site. This manuscript should reflect the complete/final manuscript, e.g. contain at least 90%-100% of content. Final manuscript only must be processed through IEEE PDF eXpress. The initial manuscript does not need to be processed through IEEE PDF eXpress

Final, company-approved manuscripts, follow these steps (after receiving final input from reviewers):
1. Process manuscript through IEEE PDF eXpress to ensure IEEE compliance.
2. Convert document at Conference ID is 51741X. Please follow instructions as directed.
3. Save IEEE compliant PDF on the ASMC 2021 submission site. DO NOT PASSWORD PROTECT PDF.
4. IEEE e-Copyright form is due during round one (preliminary manuscript upload)

Maximum number of pages is six (6); minimum four (4) pages. Authors will be provided feedback to ensure the highest technical quality of manuscripts. If you have misplaced your ID and password, please contact Paul Cohen at