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Co-Chairs: Jennifer Braggin, Entegris | Chris Long, IBM Research | Chris Ebert, Linde 

Contamination in the form of particulates, surface impurities, and volatile organic compounds can have a significant impact on semiconductor wafer fab yield and reliability. This session will feature papers focused on tool and process improvement to reduce overall on-wafer contamination in order to eliminate killer defects, drive yield improvement and minimize yield excursions. 

9.1 CMP Defect Reduction and Mitigation: Practices and Future Trends | Wei-Tsu Tseng, Carol Boye, Claire Silvestre, James Chen, Fee Li Lie, Donald Canaperi, IBM 
9.2 Controlling Nanoparticle Contamination in Ultrapure Water Systems | Dan Rodier, Particle Measuring Systems; Glen Slayter, Intel 
9.3 Characterization of Dilution Effect of Mix Acids on Rough Silicon Etching Irregularities | Tatt Wai Wan, Weei Kai Cheng, Yin Ying Tan, Meera Brhma Dava, Infineon 
9.4 FOUP Contamination and Limitation of Cleaning Procedure | Raymond Van Roijen, Matthew Fields, Bruce Dyer, Brian Messenger, Ralph Deangelis, GlobalFoundries 

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