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Session 8—Smart Manufacturing, Advanced Process Control, Data Management, Fabless Experience

Co-Chairs: Agnés Roussy, EMSE | Raymond Van Roijen, Globalfoundries | Marc Bergendahl, IBM Research | Rob Pearson, RIT | Eric Eisenbraun, SUNY Poly

Today's data: extracted, remote, zoomed, useful(?) and big! 

Leverage large-scale data collection and other virtual or remote mediums as well as virtualized fab engagement for the monitoring of Manufacturing Processes, Facilities Infrastructure, and Fab productivity. 

8.1 SM: Enhanced Defect Detection in After Develop Inspection With Machine Learning Disposition |Matthew McLaughlin, Andrew Stamper, Gabriel Barber, Janice Paduano, Petra Mennell, Emerson Benn, Michael Linnane, Chetan Khatumr, Robert Issacson, Nathan Hoffman, Clayton Menser, GlobalFoundries 
8.2 SM: Predictive Maintenance of Pump and Abatement Equipment in a 300mm Semiconductor Fab | Joshua LaRose, John Barker, Boyd Finlay, Alex Trinidad, Carment Guyer, Justin Weinstein, Brian Conerney, Dana Ray, John Perry, Walter Tarnawskyi, Jeremy Lansford, GlobalFoundries 
8.3 SM: Remote Video Collaboration During COVID-19 | Joey Cavaleri, Tolentino Pena, Bill Swales, Lester Kirschbaum, Intel 
8.4 APC: A Feature Selection Approach for Virtual Metrology: Application to CMP Process | Taki Eddine Korabi, Agnès,Roussy, Valeria Borodin, École des Mines de Saint-Étienne; Michel Juge, STMicroelectronics 
8.5 APC: Combining Feature Extraction-Based and Full Trace Analysis Capabilities in Fault Detection: Methods and Comparative Analysis | Fei Li, Haoshu Cai, Jay Lee, University of Cincinnati; James Moyne, University of Michigan; Jimmy Iskandar, Michael Armacost, Applied Materials 
8.6 DM: Journey to a Big Data Analysis Platform: Are we there yet? | Raymond Goss, Lesh Subramany, GlobalFoundries 
8.7 FE: Fabless Semiconductor Challenge – Internal Stakeholder Alignment Improvements | Salvin Macwan, Josephine Quek, Scott Rogers, Marc de Zwart, NXP Semiconductors 

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