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Session 7—Equipment Optimization

Co-Chairs: Bradley Wood, Entegris | Jean Wynne, IBM Research | Ankit Jain, KLA  | Fred Bouchard, Sparetech

Advanced manufacturing requires fine optimization of equipment parameters. This session will cover pulsed gas delivery, CMP, and laser spike annealing. 

7.1 A Study on the Real-Time Flow Rate Change Monitoring Methods of Mass Flow Controller in In-Situ Semiconductor Processing | Tae Min Kim, Jae Wook Jeon, Sungkyunkwan University 
7.2 The Use of Cross-Section Haze Measurements to Monitor Laser Spike Anneal (LSA) Stage Alignment | Kay Wendt, GlobalFoundries; John Newby, KLA 
7.3 Design Considerations for CMP Slurry Delivery Systems | Rahul Trivedi, Thayalan Kulasingam, GlobalFoundries 
7.4 Poly CMP Process Challenges for Embedded Array Devices | Siew Wan Liew, Leong Lup San, Chong Yew Siew, Hsu Rex, GlobalFoundries 
7.5 Elimination of Low Yield With 3-9 O’clock Signature Through Optimization of CMP Cleaner Unit Brush Gap | Gerry Dizon, Jack Lim, Vincent Ngo, Ho MingYao, GlobalFoundries 
7.6 A Holistic Approach Toward UHP Gas Delivery System Design Reduces Stochastic Variability Of Reactant Distribution in Plasma Etch and Deposition Equipment | Christopher Davis, Sean Penley, Steven Wozniak, Phil Barros, Ichor Systems 
7.7 Batch Wafer Implanter: Quad Mode Ion Dose Uniformity Improvement | Yip Siew Wah, Marisinapen Sham Sagaria, Danny Tan, Tay Kwang, Infineon 

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