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Co-Chairs: Paul Werbaneth, Ichor Systems | Stefan Radloff, Intel | Misty Thompson, TI | Thomas Beeg, Wolfspeed 

The challenges of current and future semiconductor process technologies require an increased continuous focus on improvements in factory efficiency. Utilization of cross-industry best practices and automated decision-making and execution can help improve this drive for enhanced efficiency.  

Presentations in this session will discuss solutions to gain more out of existing factory equipment, planning, and AMHS assets.    

6.1 Automated Material Handling Systems: System of Systems Architecture Examination Semiconductor Manufacturing and Standards Perspective | Mutaz Haddin, Intel  
6.2 Automated and Optimized Lot-To-Order Matching in 300 mm Semiconductor Facilities | Christian Flechsig, Jacob Lohmer, Rainer Lasch, Technische Universität Dresden; Benjamin Zettler, Germar Schneider, Dietrich Eberts, Infineon  
6.3 Enhancing Utilization and Cycle Times at Clustered Etch Tools Through Concurrent Dispatching | Binay Dash, Tyler Fuerst, Karthik iyer, Shiladitya Chakravorty, Globalfoundries  
6.4 Fully Automated Real-Time Recipe Verification | Robert Barlovic, GlobalFoundries 
6.5 Auto Chamber Validation | Srikanth Ramakrishnan, Dinesh Balasubra Manian, Broc Stirton, Shiladitya Chakravorty, Sandar Kyaw, GlobalFoundries 
6.6 Eliminate Costly Component Out of Pocket Defect Condition During Semiconductor IC Transport/Handling | Darby Davis, Gel-Pak, Richard Rochford, Craig Blanchette, BAE Systems 
6.7 Comparative Analyses of Control Charts in Studying Tool Efficiency in Semiconductor Fabrication | Atirek Wribhu, GlobalFoundries 

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