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Session 4—Advanced Equipment Processes and Materials

Co-Chairs: Thirumalesh Bannuru, Applied Materials | Leonard Rubin, Axcelis Technologies | Armando Anaya, Northrup Grumman | Satyajit Shinde, Samsung Austin Semiconductor | Katie Lutker-Lee, TEL

This session focuses on the optimization of processes, techniques, and materials for advanced technology nodes extending from the current 14nm technology to 7nm and beyond. 

4.1 Width Walk Control in 3D NAND Staircase Structure Etching | Chinghung Hsiao, Chen-Yu Cheng, Hong-Ji Lee, Nan-Tzu Lian, Tzung-Ting Han, Tahone Yang, Kuang-Chao Chen, Macronix International
4.2 Study of Plasma Ash Rate Enhancement by Machine Learning Models for TAT Improvement | Shaolou Jheng, Zusing Yang, Yuan-Chieh Chiu, Ming-Tsung Wu, Hong-Ji Lee, Nan-Tzu Lian, Tahone Yang, Kuang-Chao Chen, Chih-Yuan Lu, Jyunhong Wu, Macronix International
4.3 Line Width Roughness (LWR) Improvement and Queue Time Elimination by a Chlorine-Based Process in Pitch Doubling for Improving Throughput | Jeff Ye, Benjamin Ye, Thomas Esry, Ketan Deshpande, Doug Chafe, Daniel Fedor, Jing Nie, Micron 
4.4 High-Temperature-Stable, Spin-On Carbon Materials for High-Aspect-Ratio Gap-Fill Applications | Carissa Jones, Runhui Huang, Zing-Fu Zhong, Sean Simmons, Joyce Lowes, Brewer Science 

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