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Session 1—Yield Enhancement

Co-Chairs: Qintao Zhang, Applied Materials | Gary Green, Green Consulting | Sagar Kekare, KLA | Brett Williams, ON Semiconductor | Reshmi Mitra, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Yield improvement in today’s fabs requires a deep understanding of the root cause of fails and tight process control. This session covers papers that provide details of root causes of yield fails, addresses methodologies enabling tight process control and pattern matching techniques using machine learning for accelerated yield learning. 

1.1 Physical and Electrical Characterization of Deep Trench Isolation in Bulk Silicon and SOI Substrates | Moshe Agam, Rick Jerome, Lachen Boukhanfra, Masaichi Eda, Lan Su, Sallie Hose, Johan Janssens, Jaroslav Pjencak, Weize Chen, Thomas Long, Kenn Bates, On Semiconductor 
1.2 Product Yield Enhancement by Spacer Thickness Variation Reduction | Ritesh Ray Chaudhuri, William Simpson, Daniel Fedor, Prabhakar Bharatan, Joseph Thompson, Farid Sellidj, John Lee, Michael Hurt, Glen Martin, Micron 
1.3 Study on Cu Ion Migration Factors and Its Mechanism | Chang Tai Nai, Xiaochong Guan, Chandrasekar Venkataramani, Tao Lin, Yonghai Li, GlobalFoundries 
1.4 Fab Fingerprint for Proactive Yield Management | David Gross, Skywater Technologies; Prasad Bachiraju, Onto Innovation 
1.5 Investigating the Root Cause of WAC Vt Fliers and Control Plan for RF FEM | Uzma Rana, Steven Shank, Aaron Vallett, Anthony Stamper, GlobalFoundries 

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