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High-brightness LEDs are critical semiconductor technologies for energy efficiency, safety and next generation displays. Improvements in cost per lumen and lighting quality of high-brightness light emitting diodes (HB-LEDs) parallel those of Moore’s Law, promising huge opportunities in solid state lighting, display backlighting and other high-brightness applications. Like Moore’s Law, reaching the full potential of LEDs requires the global LED manufacturing supply chain to collaborate on technology roadmaps and industry standards to reduce costs and spur innovation.

Upcoming SEMI EventsSEMI LED Highlights

Providing extra visibility to emerging markets and applications for semiconductor manufacturing technology, many SEMI events include some focus on LEDs:

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LED Taiwan Opens Tomorrow in Taipei ─ Innovation and Opportunity Converge (April 2017)

New Task Force Approved at China HB-LED TC Chapter Fall Meeting 2016 (Dec 2016)

LED Taiwan 2016 to Kick Off in Taipei in April (Feb 2016)

LED Taiwan 2015 Closes on Perfect Note with Estimated Business Opportunities of US$ 13M (May 2015)

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LED Industry Standards

SEMI International Standards is investigating opportunities to reduce costs in LED manufacturing. The HB-LED Standards Committee met for the first time on November 11, 2010 where the Committee initiated standards Task Forces on sapphire wafers, carriers, assembly and automation. The Committee and Task Forces are comprised of industry leaders in HB-LED devices, sapphire wafers, MOCVD wafer processing, and key equipment and materials suppliers to the LED industry. For more information, contact Paul Trio at

Global LED/Optoelectronic Fab Database

The Opto/LED Fab Watch database provides an overview of the global HB-LED and Optoelectronics fabs. These facilities manufacture devices that source, control or detect light. The data includes fab location, theoretical capacity, wafer size and more. The listing also provides an overview view of equipment spending by region. The report contains information about approximately 180 Opto/LED fabs worldwide, about half LED fabs and half opto-related fabs. The quarterly Opto/LED Fab Watch is an essential business tool for anyone interested in this growing market segment.

Industry Advocacy and Information

Government funding of technology and manufacturing funding is an important industry issue in the U.S., Europe and other countries. With member input and support, SEMI participates in public policy advocacy efforts on behalf of solid state lighting. SEMI also supports EH&S and other activities in support of LED manufacturing. SEMI website ( and publications (/en/About/Newsletters) also bring important news on LED manufacturing to members worldwide.

Industry Backgrounder

 LED Market Data by Yole Développement

LED Steering Committee

SEMI members are welcome to join the SEMI LED Steering Committee, which currently has about 20 companies participating to help guide SEMI in its LED activities. Topics involve: event updates, Standards updates, Subcommittee Updates, Market Outlook, and more. For more information, contact Deborah Geiger at

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